No Ideas

tfw no Zelda gf

I’ve been racking my brain for hours trying to come up with something to write about. Apparently it’s Brainstorming Week for Blapril, so that’s appropriate I suppose. But nothing’s coming. Unlike many people, I luckily still have work, which I have to go to (hard to be a janitor, even if a supervisor, and work from home, though I’m willing to give it a try!). Today an easy project turned out to not be so easy (story of my life these past couple of weeks – but the converse has proved to be true was well), and it kinda sapped my energy – especially my mental energy. (Also, it was outside – always a bad sign – so heat and my allergies flaring doesn’t help matters.)

I uploaded a bunch of BotW screenshots last night, intending to use them sometime soon. Unfortunately, they’re mostly of the above quality, more fit to be used as tweets than for blogging purposes. And I can’t really use them to illustrate my progress in that game since last time, since I haven’t made much. I mean, sure, I’m playing an average of over an hour every night (more like two), but I haven’t really been advancing the plot that much. Just filling in the map, doing side-quests, that sort of thing. Though I did at least start the Gerudo main quest line last night, getting the thunder mask (as indicated by the top pic, and what is below).

It’s just not Link if it’s not green.

But yah, no big ideas for posts. Well, that’s not true – I have ideas, lots of ideas. Even have plans. Even have hinted at them in some of the last few posts. But they aren’t ready yet. Need more things like screenshots and stuff. (Always there’s more to do…) But nothing ready for today… In fact, I think I made basically this post in August…but just have to keep writing. Even if it’s just a stream of consciousness like this.

And, now an idea has come! But this is a post already written, so this is what you get. I mean, this is the fourth paragraph already! While this might not pass the AP exam (need five paragraphs, don’t you know), I think it’s good enough for a blog.

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