Tired of the Same Old Thing

I must be getting burned out. Or something. I just don’t want to play my usual daily games. But events and daily login stuff keeps me coming back:

  • The Jubilee event in Elder Scrolls Online has been going on the past week, and is just ending. Spent several hours doing daily quests to get those prize boxes (which you get for doing daily quests, of course). Totally forgot the whole time that I have two alts that could at least do the daily crafting quests. Oops. The Jester event was immediately before; I did one day, then just gave up; not worth it. Thinking of killing my sub, at least for a while; but then again maybe not.
  • Haven’t been doing much more than logging in then buggering off in Granblue Fantasy. Hurts that I’m drastically undergeared for my experience level, because I can’t into the grind. So basically just read the events and leave it alone.
  • Star Trek Online has the First Contact event going on. Just gather from nodes, get three things, and you’re done. It’s on a timer though, so lots of sitting and waiting. In the past you’ve been able to do nothing and get the reward, but they put on an afk penalty this year (as I learned).
  • I’m basically just gathering crystals and tickets in Dragalia Lost. There’s an event going on there too, an actual new one too. But it’s not exciting. I’m undergeared there too, but it doesn’t matter as much, as it’s a more casual game. And since it’s coop, all those well-geared folks make things really quick. But it’s another game I’m basically just doing for story.
  • I still have no idea why I keep playing Princess Connect. I don’t even benefit from the story, or even the voices (since I don’t bother with downloading them). And there are two rerun events in a row, it looks like. At least the dailies are over fast.

Mostly, I just want to keep playing new games – games that end. Like Breath of the Wild.