Cleaning Up My Act

I really need to get my life together. It’s such a mess, all over the place. And my surroundings reflect that. It’s high time that changed, and maybe things can go into reverse.

Let’s start with my room (no, I’m not posting a picture). It’s not exactly like the picture on top, but it’s not great either. The trash can is full. I have a pizza box sitting there. Models have fallen off their stands, some broken, and they sit where they fell. I’ve got the box my computer came in still up next to my bed – where I put it a year ago. Though it’s kind of an end-table, as I have a bunch of papers and such on it. Like stuff that pertains to my surgery, that I had in September. Books and disks are still on shelves sideways, that I put there after they cleaned the carpets…almost two years ago. Everything has dust. My desk has all sorts of sauce packages on it. And so on.

My computer (where half my life is) is at least in a bit better shape. My desktop is clean. My Steam library is mostly organized. But some of my pictures folders are a mess. Sometimes I’ll create a new organizational structure, but never move the old stuff to that new structure, so I have stuff all over the place. It’s not too bad, but having to organize over a thousand pictures per folder is a daunting task, and not something I want to do when I’ve got free time.

And it’s not like I haven’t done it before, so I know of that which I speak. At one time I just had a Touhou folder. That got more than a little unweildy. So I went and organized it. Once it was organized, it was fine, and adding anything I missed just required a little bit more work. But I have it worse now, with some of what I want to do, than I did back then.

That’s just the thing. In my little free time, I want to be free, not work. And I’ve got time during work a lot, but then I’m at work, not at home (and honestly, I’d just play games at home, too).

Perhaps being more organized physically will leave me more organized in mind. Or not. But at least it’d be a start. And I could walk around without fear of knocking something over, or stepping on something.