Music Post: Akina Nakamori

A few days ago I was doing something I don’t remember, and a couple of songs came on. Now, I love a certain genre of Japanese pop from the late 70’s thru the early 80’s, known as “city pop.” I don’t know why it’s called that, but you should look it up. Anyhow, it’s no surprise that I should somehow find my way to songs from that era. I just let Youtube do its thing, and then came up with some sort of greatest hits thing from Akina Nakamori:

This is pretty different from what I was used to. And some of it sounded familiar, like from some anime, but I couldn’t place it. Oh, and it’s good stuff. I guess Nakamori, at least from what Wikipedia tells me, was one of the top idols from the early 80’s, and I can certainly see why. This stuff is catchy as hell. Even Youtube agrees: it just played like three of these song compilations in a loop (the autoplay algorithm can really use some work, which is why I stopped using Youtube as a music player).