Quick Thoughts, April 13th

  • Man, working so hard makes me have less time for blogging! I mean, sure, I have plenty of time before and a bit after, but usually I have time to think about topics, mentally organize, etc. Not today, which is the reason for this post.
  • Daily stuff is annoying in games, almost always. The only thing not annoying is just a plain login bonus. Those are fine. But actually having to do things? What is this, a job? Why not get fun things for no effort?
  • Breath of the Wild continues to be great. I’m ready for it to be over, yet I just want more.
  • I really like when the patch notes say that a problem is fixed, but the problem isn’t actually fixed. Got an afk penalty in STO for the First Contact Day stuff, but I totally did everything. Lame.
  • I really need another vacation. I just took one, but it was great fun, and I want to do it again. These games won’t play themselves!
  • Some of the cool stuff in Breath of the Wild needs amibos. I hate this. Maybe I should actually look them up (prices, availability, etc.) before I start hating. But they don’t look good enough to justify themselves.
  • I hate panty shots. It’s just so low-effort, pleb-tier, lcd fanservice. They totally ruin every good art they’re in, because they are always the focus. So many things I see on twitter are rendered nsfw because of that.
  • Speaking of twitter, I hate how people will retweet porn. Of course you can’t have the image filter, because it blocks pretty much every anime-style image. Such a pickle.