Crusader Kings II AAR: Part 4

King Klukis Klakis has died, so now begins the reign of King Nomedas Klakis. The game here seems to think he’ll be a good army leader…and he is. His stats are about the same as his uncle’s (remember, elective succession means it doesn’t pass down in a direct line, necessarily), at least when starting out. Nomedas has a bit of trouble with the ol’ stewardship, which means his demesne limit is lower than it could be (ie, the amount of land the player personally owns). That’s troubling, but I’m sure it will be fine.

To start off, we’ve got to set up his initial things. You know, concubines, ambition, focus, etc. He’s stuck on Hunting focus for now, since he set this himself when he was an ai. We do get to set his ambition, which we’ll go ezmode for now: have a daughter (he has sons already). And since he’s a new ruler, and his predecessor hadn’t set any laws for a while, it’s time to continue increasing the centralization…but the council won’t have any of this business:

Centralization is good for me, less so for vassals. Plus, being a new ruler, they don’t like me. (This is normal for any new ruler, but especially for tribal governments – they want to be free, but will trust the ruler who’s established themselves.) And they don’t like me anyways. But that’s cool, we’ll just wait it out.

And Nomedas already started out with friends. Which is good, because when you have friends, they sometimes give you things. If you have the hunting focus, they might give you a puppy (a hunting dog). This is a great event, because there’s literally nothing bad that can happen (as long as you don’t name it after a demon…), and only good things can come of it. Unless you’re a jerk and reject it, in which case you deserve all the bad things that will come.

Nomedas is quite a young fellow, inheriting in his early 20’s. So he has some time to get things moving. Of course he’s going to join the warrior’s lodge, to fight some dudes (and dudettes). And of course he’s going to get it on with any woman who takes a fancy to him, especially if they’re not married already (not that that always matters…).

And the hits just keep on coming for Nomedas. He ranks up in the society, dueling folks and all sorts of other fun things. But he doesn’t just exercise his body: his mind is sharp as a tack as well. He even becomes a renowned poet!

All this exciting stuff, and I am sorta forgetting to manage his household. I like to marry off the concubines (they’re not technically sex slaves or whores, so people are fine marrying them) in their early 30’s, as both their fertility drops off compared to younger women, and it gives some of the unmarried kinsmen a chance to expand the clan too. But I’ve been having so much fun, and the kids have been rolling in, so I’ve forgotten this bit. Fortunately, Nomedas’s virility extends to all aspects of his life, and he even managed the above, which I thought was pretty much impossible in this game.

Being quite the virile fellow, Nomedas rises in the ranks of his lodge quickly, making it to Veteran in his early 40’s (in contrast, Klukis didn’t make it that far until his later 50’s). And in time, with all the fighting and drinking and stuff, he wants even more recognition. It’s time to join the Heroes.

If Veterans are old, Heroes are even older. And yet Nomedas isn’t even 50. And he’s fighting a woman. It’s not even close. Thus Nomedas becomes a Hero. There are serious gameplay advantages to this, which I completely ignore because I’m one of those players that sits on advantageous stuff, but never uses it because I might need it later. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

But all good things come to an end. Despite his incredible manliness, all too soon Nomedas becomes Incapable. All his enourmous strength and intellect, gone in almost an instant. (Probably lost in a duel, or other accident.) At 53, he’s rendered as helpless as a man much older, and his regent (and heir) has to take over. No, this isn’t the end of his gameplay, you have to soldier on until they finally croak. Unfortunately his heir is a really good guy, and keeps giving away the treasury.

And so ends mighty King Nomedas Klakis The Brute, warrior and poet, taken from the world tragically early. He accomplished a lot, expanded his kingdom, and had many, many children. Fortunately his epitaph forgets to mention the last few years of dottery, though it also fails to mention all the great amounts of blood and treasure he’s gone through.