The Best Star Trek Games?

For some reason Screen Rant has a list of the ten best Star Trek games. Now, I haven’t played all of these, and have played some others, but there are a couple of things I wanted to say, which I didn’t think merited making a comment on their site.

First, they have Star Trek: Timelines on the list. The fact that this prime example of a mobile kusoge is better than any game out there, let alone Judgement Rites, is a disgrace to all people with brains. The “game” is 95% comparing the stats on your unit with the required stats + rng of some situation: basically a whole game of saving rolls in a RPG. Except without the story or fun. That last 5% is an actual game that involves space combat and making a decision or two. A simple game, which isn’t presented particularly well, but it is at least a better game than nakedly rolling dice against a table. All in the service of its gacha, of course. I’m sure that the other major Trek mobile game, the one set in the Kelvinverse, is better than that garbage.

The next thing is that they have STO as the best Trek game of all time. I’m not so sure of that being true – but I’m not sure it isn’t true, either. If it was just a spaceship game, Starfleet Command (any version) beats it, hands down. (Heck, STO space combat is just a simplified version of Starfleet Command.) And just about any competent game beats it on the ground game (STO is competent too, but just barely). And as a story, it’s not exactly that great either (though, again, competent – which is good enough for me in this area). But I don’t think there’s any game that brings it all together like this. STO is definitely more than the sum of its parts. Thinking on it, while I don’t think STO deserves the title of “Best Star Trek Game of All Time,” I can’t think of another game that does, either.