Gaming Progress This Week

I’ve been playing games recently! Shocking, I know. Thought I should write about what I’m actually doing, since I haven’t done that in a while:

Mobile crap: Been doing the events in Dragalia Lost. Thought I wasn’t going to make it with this event’s facility upgrade cap, but it went a lot faster than I’d’ve thought, and was done in an hour or two. Haven’t been able to beat Nightmare Challenge yet, just don’t have the dps. In Princess Connect, there hasn’t been much going on, but they did increase the level cap, annoyingly, so now I can’t get master coins for a while. Granblue Fantasy is pretty much dead to me right now: it’s Guild Wars, and “I have exams; sorry Dancho.”

Breath of the Wild: finished all the divine beasts. Debating whether to just go and beat Ganon tonight, or if I grind out some more armor upgrades. I finished the Sheika armor, and am working on the Ancient armor. Don’t know if I’ll bother with the rest: I don’t like collecting fish.

Great Steam Collection Game: Instead of beating down my backlog, I only add to it. In the last two weeks I’ve purchased: My Time At Portia, The Shrouded Isle, Planetbase, Elite Dangerous, and a bunch of dlc for Crusader Kings II (with witch I’ll be doing another AAR (series?), starting this weekend).