Mistakes Were Made

Like most people, I buy games I think that I’ll like. Of course, you can never know until you actually sit down and play it. But most people at least can figure out what genres they tend to like and dislike, or certain staple mechanics, story beats, art, etc.; and avoid those things they don’t like.

But apparently I’m not most people. Because I keep buying games I should know I have a low likelihood of liking, but something else is part of it and I get it. I have never liked tactical games, yet I keep getting them, thinking that I will like this one, because of some thing or another. Every other game has done it wrong, but this one will be fine.

Another one of those is fighting games. For some reason I just can’t git gud, and gittin’ gud is pretty much the whole point. But I thought this time it will be different. Granblue Fantasy VS will be the first fighting game I like. I should have known better; but I not only bought it (and on Steam, where there are no codes for the main game), I got the season pass, which is mostly about more characters.

Now, I had reason to think it really would be different this time. There is a single-player/coop “RPG mode,” which tells its own story, in a sort of beat-em-up mode (though it still uses the fighting game inputs and stuff). Speaking of, there is a simplified input mode: the devs wanted players of the main game (an old-school turn-based RPG) to be able to play this too. But that’s no good when playing online, and it’s hardly any better in the RPG mode. And the story doesn’t justify the game (it’s actually kinda bad, even by Granblue Fantasy standards).

I played about 9 hours so far. I paid $80 for it. Talk about buyer’s remorse.