October to November

Well, I wanted to do more gaming…and that’s what I got. And other stuff too!

Last month I talked about maybe starting exercising. Well, maybe I did! Start, at least. Ring Fit finally got restocked, so I got that. I kinda went into it blind, but hearing how people thought it was actually useful. And…it wasn’t what I was hoping for, to be honest. I was hoping the rpg mode would be a little more robust than it is. But the regular exercise portion is pretty good, at least as far as it can go. Really felt those planks.

I also decided to start jogging again. When I was a kid I really enjoyed running; I wasn’t the fastest, nor had the most endurance, but it still gave me time to think (or rather, daydream), and it was something I could do on my own. I fell out of that during high school, and when I got fat it went right out. (When I tried to lose weight wayyy back when Katawa Shoujo came out, I tried running again, and got shin splints so bad I felt them for years.) But now that I’ve lost weight, it shouldn’t be so bad on my joints and bones (and heart and lungs), so I gave it a go a couple weekends ago. Trouble is, I still have all those habits about pacing and suchlike from when I was younger and fitter, and went a bit too hard, and hurt myself. But I got all better after about a week, and decided to try again this past weekend. It went well, no injuries at least. And it didn’t feel like torture, as it has for over a decade. So now that’s a thing I can look forward to, at least until the ice comes back (my timing is always impeccable).

Crazy talk.

And for gaming? I finished Assassins Creed Odyssey, as you might have guessed by now. I think it was only a couple days after the post where I said I wanted to finish it. Expect a review…soon, now that Steam is letting me access my cloud screenshots again. Just finished the main story, didn’t really get into any of the dlc, except for one of the bonus side missions.

More Genshin Impact, as you might remember. At this point I think I’m at AR 37, and have finished the main story and most of the available side quests. At this point it’s just another mobile game, but more fun.

No, I haven’t uploaded any more pictures from this game, yet.

October is the time of Halloween for all those persistent games, even in Japan. ESO had it’s usual stuff, which was boring tbh. STO had its one day F13th mission as normal. The Japanese games were a bit more interesting. The ones I play each had their own, new events, with story and everything. But, they were all in the middle of the month. Very odd. Only Granblue Fantasy had its event extended to the actual day of Halloween, and that was just a Halloween-themed Premium Friday quest. Some day Japan might understand this holiday, but it wasn’t this year.

I also started a couple of games. Craftopia I already talked about. Just last night, wanting to play a not-anime not-fantasy game for once, I started No Man’s Sky. Pretty fun so far. Though I lost the abandoned ship I claimed. Whoops, should have put a base there. (I know what planet it’s on, but not the precise coordinates.)

As for next month…it’s my birthday! Maybe someone will remember. I won’t even get to do something at work, because it’s a Saturday. (I always like mentioning my birthday to my workers when it’s too late for them to do anything about it; makes me fell mysterious and not embarrassed when they try to sing or bring me cake or whatever. Not that I’d have workers this year anyways…) So more games for me, I suppose. I’ll continue in No Man’s Sky and Crusader Kings III, and the rest of the stuff I’m doing right now, since Cyberpunk got delayed again.

September to October

Too lazy to turn this; I thought google drive had an editing option, but I guess not.

As far as this month goes, it’s been pretty boring, at least to talk about. I’ve been playing basically the same games the entire time. Not much has happened in my life. Though there are a couple things to discuss, at least in brief, so I’m making this post.

First, an update on a post from wayy back in April. Thus, the picture of the scale above. As of yesterday, I hit my weight goal! I haven’t been this light since I was 20, if not earlier. Feels good, man. Sure, it took the better part of six months to make the half of progress, but I’ve lost 40-45 lbs with basically no exercise. Now, to be fair, I look it – my arms and legs might as well be those of a child, if it weren’t for the excessive hair on them. And I’ve still got too much of a gut. But my face looks good (well…not fat, at least), and I’m just chubbster now. Of course I celebrated by going out to eat (with a milkshake!).

So, what next? Well, the diet shall mostly continue. I see no reason to change much now; it works for me. I will change the “no snacking” rule to “no buying snacks from the store.” Meaning, I can snack, if I make them myself (or if I go to an actual baker and something really stands out). Which I don’t see myself doing much. I don’t even have the cooking implements to do so. I looked at a stand mixer a couple of weeks ago (kinda want to get into baking), and yah, that’s not happening right now.

Also, I need to exercise more. I know that’s not a goal, it’s an idea. But I’m too lazy to set up something concrete. I have weights in my office now, presumably to use while I’m watching videos on my lunch break, but I barely use them. (Doesn’t help that I hurt my right arm, and am in pain doing much of anything – it almost certainly wan’t caused by me using my mouse at an 80-90-degree angle to the right instead of in front of me; no sir, couldn’t be that.) Could also, like walk or whatever before work instead of grazing Twitter. But yah, that’s something to be doing.

I’m pretty sure the voiceover said “you look cuter without your glasses,” which is absolutely correct.

In game news, I’ve been keeping up with the usual daily stuff. Granblue had its X-million accounts celebration, which meant more things to do. That’s over now, so I mostly just do some daily things. Dragalia Lost is having its second anniversary, just after a major gameplay update. It’s pretty good stuff. The even added sparking, right before a big limited rush. Very nice. Getting better at Bandori, to the point where I can clear almost any Hard song on first try without heals. ESO and STO are back on the backburner, though I’m still doing their events too.

The big one is Assassins Creed Odyssey. I’ve been playing that basically every day, yet still am not close to done. I’ve played well over 100 hours at this point. At this point I want it to be done, just so I can play other games! But this one is too fun to just drop, and the story is surprisingly compelling too (at least the Greek parts – the Assassin’s Creed stuff is lame, though barely there at this point so whatever). I haven’t discussed it much, because I want to make one big review post. But who knows when I’ll actually finish, so that might be in a while.

HOWEVER, there is a new contender: Genshin Impact. This is another really fun one. I finally got out of reroll hell, on account 8. Got two SSR at once, though they were both Jean. Also got Fish, so that’s a really good account. As I was breezing through for rerolling, last night I just went to play for a few minutes before getting on other games, going over those areas I ran through. Ended up playing for over an hour. Fun, fun game.

As for next month…I basically want to do what I was going to do last month before ACO took way longer than I expected: finish ACO, get into Craftopia and Genshin Impact. Play more vidya!

Things To Look Forward To

Today’s Blaugust prompt is from Utlrviolet at Engame Viable:

What are you looking forward to the most over the course of the next year?

While I’m not as pessimistic as he is, I’ve got to say I’m not looking forward to much in the next year myself. I mean, this past year has been much the same for me as last year, despite all the craziness. The details might be a bit different, but the big picture is very much unchanged. The main thing is that I’m now on a diet. Even missing my gall bladder (having it removed 11 months ago) isn’t a big deal. I can aniticipate the same sort of anxieties over money, the same boredom at work, the same getting mad at twitter and Hollywood idiots, the same existential loneliness, the same disappointment in myself for not blogging consistently.

Even so, there are still a few things I do look forward to. As fitting this blog, most of them have to do with video games (seeing as how that’s a big part of my life). And conveniently, this goes well in list form:

  • Looks like some good games are on the horizon. We’ve got Cyberpunk and Atelier Ryza 2 coming out for sure in the next year. I hope BotW 2 comes out in that time frame as well. Hell, technically Crusader Kings 3 comes out in the next year, even if that is in the next four days.
  • I think, even considering those, I will still have time for more games. Like my whole backlog. Decreasing that is something to look forward to.
  • I look forward to work going back to normal. Not that I mind the incredibly slow pace – quite the contrary, I love it – but I would like to see this place boppin’ again. And, more importantly, I want to go back to my normal schedule. Moving from Tue-Sat to Mon-Fri doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s pretty much the worst thing that’s happened to me since I started working here – and that’s for my whole life, not just workaday stuff. It shouldn’t matter this much, but it does. No one understands why, least of all me.
  • I look forward to hitting my target weight. I wanted to hit it by the end of the year, and I’m sooooo close. I won’t be able to go back to the way things were after – that’s what made me fat in the first place – but I can ease up a little bit. Maybe allow a snack or dessert once in a while. Might even be able to start baking, once I can actually eat the stuff I make.


I don’t have many regrets. Maybe could count them on one hand. It’s my thinking that, unless you actively screwed up something fierce, you have nothing to regret. Sure, things might have gone better, or have gone a bit worse, because of a choice you did (or did not) make, but as long as you’re generally on the right path, why bother agonizing over the past?

So yah, not many regrets here. I do have a couple that are personal, but I do have to admit one, which has bothered me some in the past, and came up again today, one I bet is common to a lot of people.

I knew about Bitcoin from the beginning, almost. I remember hearing about it back when it was cheap and easy to get. But I never got on with it. I didn’t think it would be worth it. And, at the time, it wasn’t. The amount spent on electricity mining it wasn’t worth the return. And I didn’t have any money at the time to buy some. And why would I bother? It was just going to be used by nerds and drug dealers; I couldn’t really use it for anything.

I was right, of course. Those things were factually true. Even now, you can’t really pay for much in any of the crypto currencies. But, oh, so wrong. I didn’t see it as an investment vehicle. I didn’t think it would go anywhere. Even though I only had like $20 in the bank on a good day, that could have gotten me real money in the future. I’ve always been like this: dismissing good investment opportunities (either in myself, or with my money) as either not worth it, or making excuses as to why it wasn’t a safe bet.

I don’t care that much about money – if I did, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. But I do like to have a bit of security. And some crypto would go a long way right about now.


Today’s Blaugust prompt (brought to us by Heather at Just Geeking By) is:

What are the things that get you excited in life?

I’m going to be honest here: this was really hard. Sure, one or two of these won’t surprise anyone who’s been reading the blog at all, but beyond the obvious? I just don’t know. Lately, a lot of things that used to animate me…don’t. But, I will persevere.


I love pizza. Really love it. I eat it as much as I can, which is obvious looking at my physique. Up there is a picture from one of my favorite places, Shakey’s. Haters gonna hate, but I love that style for some reason. But I love pretty much all pizza. Deep dish, paper-thin, lots of toppings, just cheese, whatever, I love it. Sure, there are pizzas I don’t like, and I of course have my preferences, but pizza is one of those things that excites me, just thinking about it. I look forward with great anticipation every pizza day, all week.

I don’t remember if I actually was the one that took the image on the right, but I was definitely the one who analysed the data to make it.

When I was a kid I really loved space. Then I kinda grew out of it; or perhaps more accurately, lost exposure. Your typical high school just doesn’t focus on that. When I went back to uni I took a 101 course in Astronomy, as an easy elective for my Physics degree. Sure, it was that, but it rekindled my excitement for astronomy. I took a few more astronomy classes, but reigned it in, as I needed to eventually graduate. But I figured I’d take the rest of my science electives in astronomy. Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out for that (some classes only offered a certain semester, which were gatekeeper classes for more stuff, etc.), but I did get to do some actual work and research with the telescope, which was awesome (even though I had a 4am shift for work…). If I had to do it again, I’d skip out on Physics, and go into Astronomy.

Star Trek

This was one of the obvious ones. Hell, I named my blog after Trek. I love Star Trek to death. Good Trek, that is. Or even mediocre Trek. But not the bad stuff. That’s part of why I haven’t been able to get excited about much lately: one of my greatest loves is just plain bad, and has been for most things since Enterprise ended about 15 years ago. All the new official canon is bad or terrible. Can’t get that thrill anymore about any announcements, because all that can come of that is disappointment. At least the old stuff is still there, and I love talking about that at every opportunity. I even still play STO, despite it going the way of the dog too.

Gacha Game Stories

I like game stories in general. I know most game writers aren’t the best, but I tend to like them anyways. I of course get most excited for RPG’s, because they usually have the most, and best, story. But I put gacha games here in focus because they deliver on a regular basis. Sure, they tend to be merely context for image and sound files for whatever gameplay there is, but that’s what I love about it. As I said, I’m not expecting an epic, or a classic, but just something decent (in fact, in a future post – maybe tomorrow – I’ll talk about some things that would improve the stories in a couple of games I play). I like the background. I like the context. I like that they are short. And I love the delivery schedule the best. The games I play deliver some new story or another at least once a month. Even MMO’s generally take several months between story content updates; they might be meatier in comparison, but they’re just as disposable. In an earlier era, I’d probably be the guy devouring every pulp sci-fi magazine; these gacha game stories are a modern equivalent, I think. And, as I posted towards the beginning of the month, I really dislike it when people just dismiss the stories as trash, without engaging with them. Tell me why you think it’s trash. I just want to talk about these, have a discussion, theorycraft, worldbuild, headcanon, I don’t even care what you think as long as we’re talking. That’s exciting.

The Physical Blogspace

Today’s Blaugust prompt is from Krikket of Nerd Girl Thoughts:

Tell us about your physical creative space, and how it influences your content creation.

My physical “creative” space is pretty simple. I do most of my blogging during breaks at work. In my office. Because of course I have my own office; “janitorial shift manager” is a very prestigious position. I’m not going to post any pictures, because it’s very simple really. I’ve got my chromebook here, my work pc that I only use if I need to print something (as the chromebook only has ONE usb port), and various office supplies all around.

The office itself is small (a couple years ago I traded size for air conditioning; a fair trade if I do say so), about 8.5’x10.5′. The computers face one corner. I’ve got on-wall bookshelves above the desk, which takes up most of two walls. The bookshelf directly in my sight has my diploma and various books (this would be where relevant people have their Important Reference Books; I just have some old college textbooks, and Japanese learning aids).

That’s how it is. Not terribly inspiring. Maybe if I had somewhere more “creative,” my posts might be better. Probably not, though, since the posts I do at home on the weekends aren’t any better. If this setting inspires me at all, it’s to work fast. Because they are work breaks. Sure, I have more time now, seeing as how we have no one in the dorms. But normal times, not so much. I’ve got to be quick. No time for proofreading or editing. (Not that I’d do anything like that anyhow; I never did for papers at for school, either.)


Today’s Blaugust prompt (original poster is Stingite) is

What skill do you want to improve on the most?

Pretty simple question. And for me, it’s a pretty simple answer. I want to improve my communication skills, and writing in particular.

See, I was always a decent writer. Competent, got good marks on my essays. I can do public speaking relatively well. Relatively. But “relatively well” isn’t good enough, in my eyes. Not when it’s important (important to me, anyhow).

I stated long ago that this was a reason for me to start this blog in the first place – to improve my writing skills. I have no real reason to do this – I’m a glorified janitor, after all. Even moving up to middle management somewhere wouldn’t really necessitate improving my writing (I’ve seen what our management does here), just keeping up my basic literacy. But I still want to improve.

I just don’t see my writing as particularly good. Oh, I know there are good ideas. That’s why I bother writing them down in the first place, whether it’s here on this blog, or somewhere else. (I’ve always been the type to hold my peace when I don’t have anything particular to add to a conversation. Drives some people up the wall.) But actually getting those ideas out, in a satisfactory manner, has always been very difficult for me. Even just explaining myself verbally is a challenge, but writing is definitely much harder. I’ll think about something for a long time, but when the time comes to let someone else know, I almost always falter.

For example, look at yesterday’s post. To me, when I read it, it seems like the barely-literate ramblings of a child. Now, I know they’re not. It’s competently done. I said what I wanted to say. But I didn’t say it how I wanted it said. It’s very simple and perfunctory. There’s no style or voice. I’ve been writing this post in my head for weeks. And yet there it is, looking like something a middle-schooler could dump out. Maybe not today’s middle schoolers, but you get the point. It was all much better in my head, but it’s just slop.

This is why I don’t do too many reviews – what can I say that is worth reading? I made yesterday’s post because I figure most anyone who reads it wouldn’t know about it, so there’s some small value there. But it’s a big part of why I haven’t put up my Picard review yet – people much more eloquent (or at least funnier) than I have said a lot about it. I still have thoughts and feelings about it, which I will post, this month, but still, I doubt it will satisfy me, besides the mere fact of finally expressing myself (to someone other than my brother, who doesn’t even care about Trek).

So yah, I want to improve my communication. I’m a smart guy, if I might toot my own horn a bit, so I shouldn’t sound like an idiot.

I think I want to make this image my header, I use it enough.

July and August

July was pretty simple. Pretty much did the same thing as usual: ESO, Dragalia Lost, a bit of STO, Granblue Fantasy, Pokemon Masters, and so on. That’s the thing: when you have so many games that are every-day-games, you don’t get much chance to play other games. But, I did manage to fit a couple more in.

First, V4. It’s Nexon’s new (to the West anyways) mobile MMO. Yes, you can play on PC, but it’s obviously built for mobile. I won’t be giving a whole review in a post, because it doesn’t deserve one. It’s terribly boring, especially on mobile. Basically just auto and press buttons when they show up. Not terribly deep, nor engaging. I dropped it after three days. The story is nothing at all. Extremely generic. And the mobile aspect limits one of the few good things these Korean grinders have: character customization. It’s relatively limited here, though compared to some other games it’s still decent enough. But you still end up with some soulless character, no matter what you do. Oh well, it’s free to try out if you want.

Next, I got Destroy All Humans. I loved this game on PS2, and was quite excited for the remake. And the excitement actually was justified. I am going to do a full post review, once I finish it. It’s not a perfect remake, but nothing ever is, and the good well outweighs the disappointments. From the sales figures we can estimate, it looks like this sold even better than originally, so there’s a decent chance the superior sequel will also get a remake (and I’ll finally be able to finish it – a game-breaking bug/scratch prevented finishing the PS2 game).

For the next month, I’ll continue on my present course. I have a new character in ESO that I’m leveling, a High Elf healer, so that will take some effort. I’m getting better at Bang Dream, though I might have hit a skill plateau. Granblue Fantasy has daily missions for the next little bit, as part of their summer celebration. STO will have its summer Risa event starting next week, so I’ll be participating in that (the ship isn’t the one I wanted, but what’re you gonna do?). I of course need to finish Destroy All Humans. Pokemon Masters got a major update, which actually significantly changes how you interact with the game, so I’ll be keeping up with that too.

I think I’ll also make a list of the games I’m keeping up with for the near future, what I’m planning on playing, what I’ve dropped, and so on. That seems like something that might help me keep focused.

Daily Games:

  • ESO
  • Dragalia Lost
  • Granblue Fantasy
  • STO
  • Pokemon Masters
  • Bang Dream

Games playing until finished:

  • Destroy All Humans

Games to play when I feel like it:

  • Cities Skylines
  • Stellaris

Dropped games this month:

  • V4

Games I should look at again:

  • Blue Reflection
  • Atelier Ayesha
  • Splatoon
  • FF12
  • Tales of Zestiria

My Bartle Test

Always one to feed the data collecting monsters, I decided to take a little test. This is the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology, which makes an attempt to categorize gamers according to the picture above. It’s an old test, designed to classify MUD gamers. But it still holds up, as it’s so basic. It’s also short, which is nice.

And I think it’s pretty accurate. I’m always one who takes it easy, trying to go at my own pace. I don’t care about competitive parts of multiplayer games at all. If I ever even bother with pvp, it’s usually to get some reward (or do some exploration – like Cyrodil in ESO) that can only be done in pvp modes. But I don’t really care so much if I don’t get some shiny if it will be a pain to get. Just walking around, that’s good stuff though. Especially if it uncovers some lore or other cool thing.

What Game Do I Play Tonight?

I just don’t know what to play tonight. Or most any night. It’s not too often that I actually have plans going in, when I’m between games. Sure, technically I have a ton of games I’m currently playing, and a bunch on the backburner, but what to do tonight?

Well, you might say that I should continue that game that I’m actually blogging about right now. And I certainly could do that. It’s not like I’m burned out from it. Quite the contrary, I really like it, and I like the playthrough I’m doing right now. But the problem is that I like it too much. It’s just the nature of CKII that you lose track of time. The usual “one more turn” issue, except there are no turns. I don’t think I got to bed before 5am last week while I was playing. I kinda need to sleep before work.

What about getting rid of some of that backlog? OK, sure. But which backlog? A completely new game? A game I’ve started but haven’t even gone a single playthrough yet, before getting distracted by whatever shiny new game comes up (true fact: yesterday I went to Walmart to look for a new Switch game, though didn’t end up getting anything)? Something else?

And what about the mmo’s? Whatever happened to ESO, that I was playing every night? Thing is, I’ve kinda gotten bored with that. Not enough to cancel my sub just yet, but I’m certainly thinking about it. I’ve just hit a plateau there, in terms of what I can do to advance, and I’ve lost any motivation to go forward. Not with all those shiny new games!

How about actually watching those anime? The ones that I’ve been downloading every week, totally with the intention of blogging about, but haven’t actually watched yet?

I don’t even know. Choice paralysis and all that. Maybe I’ll even go to bed early. But you won’t know about that.