A Time For Self-Improvement

At the beginning of a new time period, it is common for humans to reflect on the past time period, and make goals for improving performance in the new time period. As such, I would like to join my fellow humans this new time period:

  1. Video games have got to go. Video games are pure wastes of time, and like my fellow humans I have little time to waste these days. So busy with so many things!
  2. Star Trek has got to go. In present optimistic times, the last thing we need is an optimistic hope for a bright future, where all of fellow humans are better humans. Fortunately CBS and the current head of Star Trek, Alex Kurtzman, are doing wonderfully, turning Trek into the bleak modern generic sci-fi we humans love. However, there is all that Star Trek from the past that still exists, readily available in multiple formats. I will just have to quit all that.
  3. Anime and manga have got to go. Anime presents an unrealistic expectation for fellow humans, giving feelings of things like moe and beauty and cuteness and happiness. Instead, the ugly generic Cal-Arts western cartoons are for me.
  4. The Internet has got to go. I have too much interaction with my fellow humans as-is, especially these days; I don’t need to waste time online. And, considering most of my interactions with my fellow humans is about the above three things, I can join my fellow humans in setting and attaining efficiency improvement goals this way.