Today is the last Blaugust prompt, and it’s from the B-Man himself, Belghast:

What is your favorite thing to do in order to relax?

The first, most obvious thing to come to mind is: video games. That’s basically the first thing that comes to mind in most situations, really, but that’s how I like to spend my “relaxing” time. But then I thought, is the answer really that simple? Is that how I actually relax? After all, video games tend to get the juices flowing, not the opposite. Probably the times I’m most frustrated on average are video games.

But then the question becomes, what else is there to do to relax? Watch videos? I suppose that’s one thing, but I mostly do that when I’m bored and can’t play video games. Read a book? When was the last time I did that, especially in place of doing much of anything else. Writing? Hah! Just browsing the internet? Again, that’s more of a thing I do when I”m not playing games.

So I guess the answer is actually video games. But I think the “relax” part is more of an emotional relaxation than a physical or mental relaxation. (Though I suppose sitting there playing vidya is pretty physically relaxing…) If I just want to forget my problems (or anyone else’s) for a bit, video games keeps my mind off of it like nothing else. It’s like keeping busy to keep your mind off of something, but actually fun. Even if I get frustrated with a game, that’s far different from being frustrated with the state of the world, or my bank account. Even just thinking about different lore or headcanon or whatever is relaxing, even if it does literally keep me up at night.