Granblue Fantasy: Where Are They Now?

In a game like Granblue Fantasy or Dragalia Lost, it’s often assumed that if a new character comes out for the player to recruit, that said character joins the main group. But looking at the story, that’s clearly not the case. Granblue Fantasy has a lot of characters, and a lot of people joke that there are like 200+ people on that airship (the Grancypher). I decided to group them up based on whether they are actually on the ship, and if so, how much? While this image is a bit more self-explanatory than yesterday’s, I’ll still describe it a bit:

  • Permanent resident basically means what it says: the Grancypher is their home, and serves as their main base. They won’t always be there – in fact, they might take long breaks – but that is where they come back to. Basically, they take their mail there. At least until they accomplish what they joined the crew to do in the first place, wherein they become Former Residents. So permanent isn’t forever, just for the duration of their personal adventure.
  • Temporary resident is like the Grancypher is their vacation home. It’s a place where they always have at least some of their stuff, but it’s not where “home” is. Or, it might be home, but they are gone so often that it might as well not be (I think most of the Society crew is basically here, though they basically leave Beatrix to be babysat on the ship).
  • There are some characters that don’t live on the ship, but show up often enough that they may as well be part of the crew. They always have a place, but they don’t keep their stuff there. Like a good friend, not family. Often these characters just happen to meet up with the crew often enough to become popular, or the crew actually goes to visit them every so often.
  • The “taxi” thing is for those people that just go along with the crew when they happen to be going in the same direction.
  • And then there are the characters that never even joined the crew. Even though they’re characters that you can pull from the gacha, and they might even be important to the story, they might never even step foot on the ship.

I went into this thinking there wouldn’t be so many permanent residents, though really I shouldn’t have. The lower-rarity characters are mostly older characters, when the storytelling was simpler and less confident, and people would just join up for the flimsiest of reasons. And those characters would just basically join up, and that’s the last we hear of them – they’re completely irrelevant from then on, unless they are somehow popular and get an alt. The ranks of higher-rarity characters include a lot of characters that come from events, which usually involve the crew going somewhere and things happen to other people, that the crew helps them with. This generally eliminates the need to introduce the character, so they can just get to a proper story for the character stories (which every gacha unit has). Since these characters are more memorable, they became over-represented in my mind.

I don’t have all the characters in the game up there. Some of the newer characters are absent, though I don’t think there’s anyone of particular note. I also didn’t know what to do with some characters, since I don’t have them (or haven’t read their character stories), so I just left them off. That includes all of the Oracles; I figure most of them become permanent additions to the ship (since they are pretty much all outcasts for one reason or another).

Also, I have to say that Tiermaker is a good site. It makes a way to present a lot of info in a concise and attractive manner. A picture is worth a lot of words, especially if you can put words on that picture. There is a definite risk that this will become cringe delivery, like demotivators did, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I have at least one more GBF lore thing I can do with it, just off the top of my head (I could do a roles thing like I did with Dragalia Lost, but I think it’s redundant, since they are so much more clear, and the story actually uses them when relevant).