Quick Sunday Musical Interlude: Queensryche

Some months ago I got a new car. It came with Sirius satellite radio, something I’d never experienced before. Much to my surprise, unlike the traditional radio with its broad genre stations, the Sirius stations are often quite specific. While there’s an Oldies station, there’s also a whole Beatles station.

I looked through the station list, and one stuck out to me: Ch. 39, Hair Nation. Hair metal all day, erry day. I love me some classic rock, and I figured some stuff I’d like would be there, but, like most folks, I generally made fun of the whole concept of hair metal. Still I tuned in.

And it’s been the only channel I’ve listened to the whole time.

There were a lot of familiar tunes there, but also some new stuff. Queensryche was one of those new ones to me. If there was one band that was exemplary of that hard metal sound back at the start of the 80’s, it would be them. And also hair, I suppose. I’ve listened to a bunch of their stuff on Youtube by now, and it doesn’t stay that way. But I still think they’re quite good overall. Below is probably my favorite of theirs.