Who Do I Want to Meet?

Today’s Blaugust prompt comes to us from Bhagpuss of Inventory Lost:

If you could meet any person you look up to, who would it be?

And I have to echo his response:

No one.

Now, my reason is completely different. I don’t want to meet anyone I look up to. I’m already awkward enough meeting people I already know, let alone complete strangers. Meeting someone I look up to would just put me so out of whack that I’d completely waste the opportunity. Hell, I do that enough with people I’ve known for quite a while.

And it’s not a lack of confidence, or social anxiety (well, not just…). I’m just bad at that whole “conversation” thing. Just yesterday, I had breakfast with a couple of my siblings who happened to be passing through town. I am quite comfortable with them, as one would expect. But still, the conversation was a bit awkward and forced. Not through any strain in our relationship, but just my lack of being a good conversation partner.

So yah, no meeting heroes, or even just people I admire.

BUT…there are some people I’d like to talk to. Not just random conversations, obviously, but about topical stuff.


Well, not you, specifically, necessarily, but the general type of person who would come to this blog. If you’re here, it’s because you share some interest with me. Probably video games, maybe Star Trek. Something we could talk about. I’d say some of the people I follow on Twitter or Youtube would be fun to talk to, too. Maybe not in person, but on a podcast or stream maybe. I often have delusions that I have something meaningful to say about a particular topic, and it’d be nice to do it in a somewhat more personal manner than this blog.