Hobbies, Wanted

Today’s Blaugust prompt is hosted by Ace Asunder:

Tell us about some of your hobbies outside of the realm of your specific niche.

I’m guessing that’s talking about hobbies I don’t talk about here on the blog. Uh…

So let’s change the prompt around a bit! I’m going to talk about a hobby that I want to get into, but haven’t because of lack of time or money, or laziness (usually this). And that’s cooking, and baking in particular.

I like cooking. It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing for some time. But I don’t do it very often. Thing is, when I’m actually needing to eat, I don’t want to cook. It’s like my enjoyment goes out the window, fleeing from me like some sort of scared bird. But when I’m not hungry, I also don’t want to cook, since I don’t want to eat – and I don’t particularly enjoy eating reheated food either. Nor do I like making basic “meal” foods, like the stuff you make from a box. Not that I’m bad at that, but it’s just not fun. What a pickle. So I either eat out or do frozen stuff (which fits with my diet, but it’s not fun, and I’m almost too lazy for that).

I also don’t mind baking, generally. Just mix stuff up, put it in the oven, and let it take care of itself. Well, sometimes. Breads and pastries require more effort, and I’m lazy. But they taste sooooo good, and there’s a lot that I”ve never tried before, that you have to pay real money to get at a bakery.

So, at present I just watch cooking shows on the internet. Sure, the food looks good, and it makes me hungry. But then I look at the prep, all the ingredient, and I balk. As I said a couple days ago, this past weekend some siblings came by for breakfast (they were passing through the area after a vacation). I was thinking of what I could make, and I thought, I’ve always wanted to try the big fluffy pancakes you see in anime. So I looked up some videos, and it’s pretty simple. But I don’t have a mixer, and you have to make a meringue (which I’ve never done before), and then it’s a bit finicky to actually cook, and excuse after excuse. So I just did french toast, which was good and fun, but not new or exciting.

So, that’s something I want to get into. Just need to get a stand mixer, a hand mixer, a bunch of ingredients, a pot or three…