Sometimes, Playing With Others Is Fun

Well, when you put it that way, how can I resist?

I was playing ESO last night, doing what I could to finish off Vvardenfell. I had a few delves left, and some dungeons and world bosses. I have to say, I really dislike when they put this kind of hard stuff on a completion tracker; it kinda makes me feel compelled to actually do the content. So off I go to the public dungeons.

The thing with the public dungeons is that they’re supposed to be done by a group. If you’re a big enough hero, I think you can solo them, but little lvl 20’s me ain’t that. But I could try. So I did. Didn’t get very far before some fellow came up to me to group with me. Seeing his much higher level, I agreed – always good to be carried. He was also more informed than I – he was looking for the skill shards, which I hadn’t even thought about being in this place.

And so it went. The first dungeon was also populated by other groups, so it was an easy time. Even the supposed hard boss was a breeze, to the point that I almost didn’t get there in time to get credit. We decided to do the other dungeon in the area. That one was a whole lot less populated – I think we only saw one other group, at the end. Going through that as a pair, when it was meant for parties, wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t too difficult either. And the end boss for that dungeon was pretty cool – not a big monster, but more a boss gauntlet, getting more hectic each time.

She’s got a point.

So, while I usually fly solo, joining up with this one dude was pretty cool too. 8/10, would team in the future. Now, to find randoms to do the world boss with…