It’s Still Sunday In Alaska…

Hard to write about upcoming news for the day, when it comes out after midnight…Anyways, finally there’s the news of the new event + banner for Dragalia Lost. And hoo boy, folks are upset.

The event itself was pretty much a known entity, since it got datamined earlier. Typical facility event, though it looks like this time the facility boosts bow and dagger units, instead of elemental units. Certainly this is an attempt to pull these weapons out of the gutter, but it’s going to take a lot more than a damage boost to fix them (that will help, since part of the problem is low dps in a dps game, but it’s not enough).

But what has people mad is the units. Reddit, gays, and girls are mad that ‘all’ the units are again girls; and one of them is Cleo, who just got an alt (even though it’s a main-character limited after the event that heavily featured her, so it doesn’t really count). ‘All’ because, again, a guy got a summer alt too – and it’s Luca, who finally gets his first alt after almost a year. But only SSR’s count, I suppose, and Luca, like Ranzal, is only SR. People also seem to be mad about Siren getting an alt, even though she was the last dragon released. And /drag/ is mad because, like usual, they’re assuming that every unit is bad, even when it’s clear they’re not (like, Verica is a very good healer, she just isn’t necessary in the content she’s made for, so thus she SUCKS).

As for me, they’re not limited, so I’m not rolling. Yet again. Feels good being a savechad. Anniversary, here I come! Nor am I upset about the units. I look forward to Halloween Cleo, Thanksgiving Cleo, and Hanukkah Cleo.