WoW Classic and Me

Now that Elsweyr and Shadowbringers hype has died down, it’s time for the elephant in the room to come back: WoW Classic. Most of the blogs I read are all up in this; somehow, I got in with the MMO crowd, and this is naturally the next big huge deal-thing. So, what am I going to do?

Nothing with this game, at least.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade (or at least the two or three of you that read this). If you are excited for this, that’s great. I’ve been hearing that WoW has been getting kinda stale recently, and this might just be the shot in the arm it needs.

I think that last sentence gave it all away though. “I’ve been hearing.” I’m just not into this game. I never was. I liked Warcraft II well enough, but Warcraft III left me a bit cold. I just never really got into the world of Warcraft, and never cared about the lore. When WoW came out, I was just starting off in college. I didn’t have time for that sort of game, and I certainly didn’t have the money for it if I had. (Nor did I likely have a PC that could run it – my parents got me a $400 eMachines PC for my birthday that year, and it could barely run CoD – the first one, when my roommate was playing CoD2. Yah.) I had friends that got into it, but it was never for me.

And once I actually did have the ability to play it (years later), it just wasn’t the sort of thing that appealed to me, aesthetically. I like cartoony stuff, just not that particular style. So, unlike FFXIV or ESO, which drew me in, in part, by the art, WoW continues to repel me.

Then, there’s the whole going-back-to-how-it-was thing about Classic. I decided, after playing games like WoW, that I wasn’t going to play any more like that, unless they were quite appealing in other areas. That was years ago, and WoW might very well be a game now I might have wanted to try, if it wasn’t for the art (I mean, I am playing FFXIV). But Classic is a game I really don’t want to play. And I have no nostalgia for those times in the game, so there’s nothing for me to go back to. Again, not to say anything against those that like it. I am personally looking forward to reading all the responses to this “new” thing. I might not understand some of it, but that’s fine – part of why I got into this blogging community (such as I have) was to get these different perspectives on these different games that I don’t play.