FFXIV: Your Clothes Are Incompatible With This Pick…

…so they will be removed.

I know, I know, a very original observation. But I think this is the first game that has different clothes entirely between battle and crafting/gathering. I mean, it makes a certain degree of sense – they are completely different tasks. You don’t need a lot of armor to go mining, generally speaking. But I’d’ve expected to be prevented from equipping the intended tool, not to equip my tool, and then all of a sudden be denuded. Apparently, “All classes” doesn’t actually mean “all”. Would really have been nice to have been informed about that beforehand.

This might be the first MMO I’ve seen that adds some sort of shoe as underwear.

As can be seen, I decided to go with miner for my first non-combat class. I’ve always favored mining to other forms of gathering in games like this. Even though it usually amounts to the same action, there’s definitely a different feeling to it, just from the animations and sounds and such. And while this might be the least engaging form of mining I’ve seen in pretty much any game that has it, I still find it strangely compelling. Until late last play session, my miner job was leveled higher than my combat job.

But, as I want to actually do the summer event before it goes away, I got back to my main job. As everyone says that the MSQ is the best way to advance, I got back to that, too. I didn’t get very far (judging from a guide I read, I’m actually quite behind where I should be, based on level), but somehow this low-level sprout is the hero of the city. Having been spoiled a bit on the story, I guess that makes sense – merely “hero of the city” is small potatoes compared to where this bun is going.

One thing I have found quite annoying is that you can take some quests, but not be able to turn them in, because the level requirements at either end are different. I took one quest at lvl 15 or 16, and couldn’t turn it in until 19. That makes no sense. And it’s not like the xp gained for completion makes up for that.

Me too.