Dragalia Lost Summer Event, and other stuff

Dragalia Lost had its first summer event drop a few days ago, and I’m only now going into it. There’s just been too much on my mind that I’ve wanted to write about first, and this just kinda fell on the wayside. That’s OK, because it’s just a mobile game’s event, nothing huge.

Though this event looks like it had a lot of effort put into it, much more than most past events, for sure. New enemy models, an entirely new boss model and skeleton, new art for characters that won’t even be in the gacha probably, new stage art, new animations, the works. It looks like the most effort since at least the FEH colaboration, if not the New Year’s event. Even got another song for the OST (though it’s not for the raid, which uses the normal raid boss music for some reason).

The event itself even makes more sense than usual. Basically, Luca finds some “treasure maps” from a “reputable dealer in antiquities,” and the prince-king (don’t know when they’re going to actually refer to his assumed title) decides to use this as an opportunity for a team-building retreat at a beach resort island. There are games, traps, dragons, demons, adventure, the whole bit. It’s actually pretty fun and funny. And, for those concerned about it, the bathing suits are relatively reserved, as far as anime bathing suits go (bikinis of course, but nothing fetishy or otherwise in too bad taste). Also a good use of a couple of past gacha characters, and the return of a past event character; I thought those three (especially Estelle) would be overbearing with their various gimmicks, but they were fine.

By this point we’ve gotten the high-difficulty raid as well. /drag/ said it was easy, and when I asked if my team could handle it (mostly as a joke – they aren’t even fully leveled), I was told I was good enough. Well, things didn’t turn out so easy. Pubs gonna be pubs, so in at least ten attempts, only two were promising at all, and neither succeeded (one was a connection failure though, which ruined everything). Of course, the common element was me, so…

Make way for a day one player…

All told, it’s a good event. Probably my favorite event so far.

In other news, as I had thought, I was able to get to a point in Atelier Lulua last night where I could go to the end boss right now, if I wanted. Which I don’t; I’m not prepared at all. Gained 1-2 levels for my party, when I need 10-15. Would have gone faster, but I’m also going to try to get 100% exploration on all the areas (I’m not usually a cheevo chaser, but that’s an easy one, so why not?). That requires an unfortunate amount of initiating battles and then fleeing, since that advances the clock, and many enemies are exclusive to day or night. And I have a lot of friendship leveling to do as well, to get the true ending – still missing quite a bit on Sterk and Niko.

For some reason, Twitter seems to be taking the second picture in my post when I tweet this out. Very annoying. Maybe I’m supposed to make the first picture the Featured Picture?