New Star Trek Online Expansion in September

There it is right there: Star Trek Online: Awakening. Seems a bit late for a big expansion reveal. I guess Cryptic was waiting for Star Trek: Las Vegas hype for the reveal. All we’ve gotten so far is a short teaser (basically of the Stammets (or whatever his name is) hologram-man in the shroom dimension), the above image, and a pic of one of the new ships (which is based off one from the STD comics).

As we can see, the STD infection hasn’t been stopped. But, from what they’ve said, the storyline is actually going to move forward, instead of being mere holodeck recreations of the past. We’ve got a comic Klingorc that’s planning naughtiness, and I guess that involves the shroom dimension and the Elachi. And since it’s the shroom dimension, we need shroom man, even in holographic form.

Can’t say I’m too excited. I know they ‘needed’ to use current Trek, but STD was such a disaster, and I don’t think it helped anything at all, as far as the game is concerned. I didn’t like anything about the show, at least not enough to bring it into a game 150+ years in the future.

We’ll see what more disappointment comes when they do their panels this weekend.