A Quick Thought: Starting a New MMO

There’s one big problem with starting a (relatively) long-standing MMO, that’s been properly doing it’s thing – early group content. Trouble is, early group content is pretty easy to get past, and then never do it again, unless there’s some unique/attractive gear. As I’ve been going through FFXIV, I finally reached the point a day or two ago where I had to do group content to advance. And you unlock more and more stuff in quick succession, it seems. So, I’ve been having this sort of thing in my screen a lot:

I don’t know how to fix this. Maybe keep adding good things to the loot pools. At least in this game, you could add good-looking gear, so people can use it as glamours. Or have huge XP boosts, I don’t know.

It doesn’t help that I picked DPS instead of tank or healer. At least this class is pretty brain-dead, because I’m a simple sort, not very quick. And DPS is a dime a dozen, so no one blames me, or remembers me when I suck.