My Gaming Motivations

Some other folks are doing some “Gaming Motivation” survey. Since I love finding out about what I supposedly am (and giving out that info to advertisers and The Man), I did it too. Here’s how it came out:

Well, that sounds about right, I guess. Although I don’t know about that “Destruction” one. I guess there were only two questions about it, and I scored high on one of them. While I do like me some splosions and such, I don’t go out of my way to get the biggest bang. I’m not that guy that gets the rocket launcher just to get gibs. I don’t even purposely set up disasters in city builders (not without saving first, at least). But, I am the guy that puts all turrets on a small, agile ship in Star Trek Online, just to get moar dakka, even though that’s far from optimal (and, some would say, sane).

Gaming Plans, September

So, what of my plans for this month? Actually, it’s pretty easy, and short.

First, I’m going to hit “level cap” in Elder Scrolls Online. Not that hard, since I’m level 47/50 right now (when I posted yesterday I was off by a bit; I figured it was better to go under than over). I was thinking I would do it today, since I took the day off, but it might not happen since it’s 8pm now and I haven’t started yet. Of course, the level cap isn’t really the level cap, but I don’t really know how champion points work yet, as it hasn’t yet been relevant so I haven’t looked into it, so I’ll just treat hitting 50 as the “end of the tutorial,” much like hitting HL in Granblue Fantasy is end of the tutorial.

Next, I figure I’ll get some more progress in FFXIV. Don’t even have my starter chocobo yet. But ESO has been eating up my time, and it’s not like FFXIV’s going anywhere. If any events pop up, I’ll of course do them, but I’m not in a hurry.

In Star Trek Online, a new patch is coming out. I’ve detailed this before, I think, but some systems are changing, and they’re giving out a free ship (for grinding, of course), so I’ll at least be doing my daily chores there, along with checking out the new missions.

My new laptop will be here somewhere between tomorrow and next Wednesday, so I’ll be getting some more time into Pokemon Masters, rather than just the minimum that I’m doing now. Hopefully Dragalia Lost will also run better, which would be nice.

There’s no big game release that I’m looking forward to this month, so as far as that goes, I’m set.

August Gaming Review

I figure that, since I had a thing at the beginning of the month about what my plans were, I should review what I actually did, at least as far as gaming goes. (And since everyone else is doing it too; gotta be like the cool kids.)

I did indeed finish Atelier Lulua. It was a pain in the butt, but I did it. As I documented at the time, I didn’t like that last bunch of difficult content. I hate grinding – or rather, I hate grinding for the sake of getting strong enough to actually do the thing I want to do (there’s a reason I haven’t started lifting seriously yet); and that was a grind. But I did it, got all the endings I wanted, and it was good. Other than the gauntlet at the end, I really liked the game, and am looking forward to the next Atelier game, coming out in October. It looks like it’s changing up a lot of stuff in the formula (it’s the start of a new trilogy, after all), and will probably be janky, but I’m still getting it when it comes out.

As far as starting either FFXIV or Elder Scrolls Online…I did both. Definitely don’t have the time or will to do both at once, but I am. Or at least not a deep dive, making both my “main game”. Which of course is impossible, since you can’t have two main games. If it was just log in and do some chores, I could do that. But the both really captivated me, more than I thought they would. ESO way more than I thought it would. I don’t know how many hours I’ve put into ESO (is there even a way to find out?), but I’ve put in 31 hours in FFXIV; I’m 100% positive that ESO is a lot more than that, maybe even double. As far as progress in both games, I think I’m at lvl 30 or 31 for my main job in FFXIV (Thaumaturge), with upper 20’s in Mining. In ESO I believe I’m at 43.

I also played my various mobage, and started Pokemon Masters. Mostly just doing dailies, or story modes and events as they come up in the various games. I did spark (for free) in Granblue Fantasy, so that was exciting.

While by my count I had 32 posts last month, I guess Belghast counted 30. I think that WordPress has some funky business with posting times; maybe it confuses the time zones? Yesterday’s post comes under today’s date, even though I know it posted well within yesterday. I should probably take a look at that, but whatever. I know I missed a day or two posting, so I’ll take my Gold Award!

A Nostalgic Sandwich

When I was a kid, I was at a friend’s house, or he at mine, a lot during the summer. Like, we’re talking sleep-overs 3+ times a week. Naturally, that meant eating lunch. Now, at home, at the time, lunch meant bologna sandwiches, with mayo, mustard, and lettuce. If we were lucky, there were cheese slices. Bologna would be the only lunch meat my mom would buy – things like turkey or ham were luxuries, only to be dreamed of. Also, things like white bread. None of that rich people stuff at my house; no, we had to eat wheat bread like some sort of ruminant.

However, my friend, he had real lunch meat at his house. And not the crappy Budding stuff either, or even the cheap Oscar Meyer. No, this was real ritzy things like capricola or honey ham, that kind of stuff. Salami, pepperoni (not for pizzas), other sort of foreign-named business. And nice, delicious white bread, with bleached wheat for civilized folks such as himself. Now, me, I stayed away from that more fancy stuff, and stuck to what I knew – turkey and ham on white.

But there was a wrinkle in all this. They never had mayo. Like, actual, proper mayonnaise. They sometimes had this white stuff, which sat in the fridge like mayo, and looked like mayo. But it wasn’t. It was vile. It was disgusting. It made even the delicacies I was enjoying taste like rotten garbage. It was, as you might have figured out, Miracle Whip. So, burned on this, I learned to take it with just mustard. Mustard doesn’t make a sandwich moist, but at least it’s tasty. When you’re nine, you can’t complain about this stuff anymore.

All this to say, I had forgotten that I used up all my ranch (which I use instead of mayo, these days) at work. So today, I made my sandwich with just mustard. Well, it’s a turkey sandwich, with proper swiss cheese, on potato bread, but still just mustard. Took me back decades, I tell you. I couldn’t figure out what forum needed this story, so naturally it goes up on my blog.

Some New Hardware

It seems like it’s time to update my hardware. I got my laptop almost six years ago. It was a mid-range “gaming laptop” that I picked up on sale. Wasn’t actually much use for gaming, but it could run Star Trek Online above potato settings, which was enough for me. I unfortunately used it to ‘upgrade’ to W10, which was a mistake. While it still runs decent enough, it’s getting more than a little long in the tooth. I mentioned this earlier, but it’s literally coming apart. And it’s not one of those things I can fix, either. At least one of the screws has broken the plastic it’s screwed into, which means fixing it would need a new piece of the case. That’s not happening. And it’s the one right next to one of the hinges, too, so it gets put under a lot of stress. Every time I open the top, it gets worse.

Thus, I’m in the market for an everyday-use work laptop. Doesn’t really need to play games very well, for this purpose – just have a browser with multiple tabs open, along with Outlook.

Also, I am wanting a replacement for my tablet. I think I’ve covered this before, but I got my tablet a year ago, mostly to play mobage (and the trigger was Princess Connect). But it’s not very good. I had to stop playing Princess Connect because the framerate was so terrible. And Pokemon Masters is also quite trash on it.

My current laptop, soon.

So, if I could take care of both problems, I’d be in business. So, my requirements are:

  • can do work laptop things
  • can do Android apps
  • can do touchscreen stuff

Naturally, we’re looking at Chromebooks. I recalled that they weren’t very expensive. And they aren’t, for the cheap ones. If all I needed was the laptop stuff, that’s where I’d go, straight away. But I also need the Android stuff (including Office Suite), so the cheaper ones wouldn’t do. I don’t know why Google wouldn’t make its two OS’s automatically compatible, but whatever. It’s a thing now.

What I came up with was the Asus Chromebook C434. It’s reviewed very well, and met all my needs. I got the 8GB RAM version, just to be safe and more future-proof. It’s about the same price that I paid for just my laptop, so it’s nice that I can replace two devices with one, even if it is on the expensive side for Chromebooks.

Since I was on Amazon, I picked up some manga too (gotta get those Amazon credit card points bro). For some reason they have all of Watamote except for vol10. Very annoying. Also, I somehow have two copies of v3. Don’t know how I managed that one. I only mention this so I can post one more picture.