My Gaming Motivations

Some other folks are doing some “Gaming Motivation” survey. Since I love finding out about what I supposedly am (and giving out that info to advertisers and The Man), I did it too. Here’s how it came out:

Well, that sounds about right, I guess. Although I don’t know about that “Destruction” one. I guess there were only two questions about it, and I scored high on one of them. While I do like me some splosions and such, I don’t go out of my way to get the biggest bang. I’m not that guy that gets the rocket launcher just to get gibs. I don’t even purposely set up disasters in city builders (not without saving first, at least). But, I am the guy that puts all turrets on a small, agile ship in Star Trek Online, just to get moar dakka, even though that’s far from optimal (and, some would say, sane).