August Gaming Review

I figure that, since I had a thing at the beginning of the month about what my plans were, I should review what I actually did, at least as far as gaming goes. (And since everyone else is doing it too; gotta be like the cool kids.)

I did indeed finish Atelier Lulua. It was a pain in the butt, but I did it. As I documented at the time, I didn’t like that last bunch of difficult content. I hate grinding – or rather, I hate grinding for the sake of getting strong enough to actually do the thing I want to do (there’s a reason I haven’t started lifting seriously yet); and that was a grind. But I did it, got all the endings I wanted, and it was good. Other than the gauntlet at the end, I really liked the game, and am looking forward to the next Atelier game, coming out in October. It looks like it’s changing up a lot of stuff in the formula (it’s the start of a new trilogy, after all), and will probably be janky, but I’m still getting it when it comes out.

As far as starting either FFXIV or Elder Scrolls Online…I did both. Definitely don’t have the time or will to do both at once, but I am. Or at least not a deep dive, making both my “main game”. Which of course is impossible, since you can’t have two main games. If it was just log in and do some chores, I could do that. But the both really captivated me, more than I thought they would. ESO way more than I thought it would. I don’t know how many hours I’ve put into ESO (is there even a way to find out?), but I’ve put in 31 hours in FFXIV; I’m 100% positive that ESO is a lot more than that, maybe even double. As far as progress in both games, I think I’m at lvl 30 or 31 for my main job in FFXIV (Thaumaturge), with upper 20’s in Mining. In ESO I believe I’m at 43.

I also played my various mobage, and started Pokemon Masters. Mostly just doing dailies, or story modes and events as they come up in the various games. I did spark (for free) in Granblue Fantasy, so that was exciting.

While by my count I had 32 posts last month, I guess Belghast counted 30. I think that WordPress has some funky business with posting times; maybe it confuses the time zones? Yesterday’s post comes under today’s date, even though I know it posted well within yesterday. I should probably take a look at that, but whatever. I know I missed a day or two posting, so I’ll take my Gold Award!