Gaming Plans, September

So, what of my plans for this month? Actually, it’s pretty easy, and short.

First, I’m going to hit “level cap” in Elder Scrolls Online. Not that hard, since I’m level 47/50 right now (when I posted yesterday I was off by a bit; I figured it was better to go under than over). I was thinking I would do it today, since I took the day off, but it might not happen since it’s 8pm now and I haven’t started yet. Of course, the level cap isn’t really the level cap, but I don’t really know how champion points work yet, as it hasn’t yet been relevant so I haven’t looked into it, so I’ll just treat hitting 50 as the “end of the tutorial,” much like hitting HL in Granblue Fantasy is end of the tutorial.

Next, I figure I’ll get some more progress in FFXIV. Don’t even have my starter chocobo yet. But ESO has been eating up my time, and it’s not like FFXIV’s going anywhere. If any events pop up, I’ll of course do them, but I’m not in a hurry.

In Star Trek Online, a new patch is coming out. I’ve detailed this before, I think, but some systems are changing, and they’re giving out a free ship (for grinding, of course), so I’ll at least be doing my daily chores there, along with checking out the new missions.

My new laptop will be here somewhere between tomorrow and next Wednesday, so I’ll be getting some more time into Pokemon Masters, rather than just the minimum that I’m doing now. Hopefully Dragalia Lost will also run better, which would be nice.

There’s no big game release that I’m looking forward to this month, so as far as that goes, I’m set.

2 thoughts on “Gaming Plans, September

  1. Re: Champion Points in ESO; long story short, your next goal post is CP 160, at which point you’ll be able to wear end game gear. The good news is once you have a character at CP160, it’s account wide, so any other characters will go directly from level 49 to whatever CP your account is at.


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