Beginning of Blaugust

Blaugust has officially begun. I figure that, as a newbie, I should state my goals and plans for the month.

First, I’m planning on blogging every day. I’ve been doing so, even if I’ve had to sneak them in under the wire, to get in the habit. But that’s the plan. Might be a hiccup or two in there (I’m probably needing a minor surgery, which might keep me in the hospital for enough hours to keep me from blogging one day), but that’s the goal, and I’m sticking to it. Maybe if I ever figure out how WordPress works, I’ll make a timed post.

Second, I’m going to get this blog in proper working order. Fix that stupid defaut picture at the top of the blog; make it actually thematic, or at least match the site name. (I’ll have to download some photo editor to do it, since I’m on a newer PC at home (got it in April, and it’s still pretty clean). I’m hardly experienced with that kind of stuff at all, but at least transparencies of Granblue Fantasy characters exist (straight from the game even! very convenient).) Figure out a way to auto-tweet (or at least make it easy to tweet). Put up a sidebar. That sort of stuff.

Not related to anything, but go check out this guy’s comic; it’s good stuff.

Next, my ‘gaming goals’ for the month:

  • Finish Atelier Lulua
  • Start either FFXIV or Elder Scrolls Online.

That might seem like a pretty light list, but if you’ve ever started a MMO you know that’s not a light thing. That first part is almost done, maybe a gaming session or three left (there is a complication though; more on that in the next post). Then I can, with clean conscience, move on to starting yet another MMO. I’ve never really stuck with most of them: I’m primarily in it for the RPG aspect, and a lot of MMO’s hit a story wall at some point, where you need to raid, or join a guild, or something social like that. I generally treat MMO’s as single-player RPG’s that happen to have other real people around that sometimes help you out, when you want. That’s one reason why I’ve stuck with STO for so long – you can play it like that. It’s really baked into the design. The queues are just things you do between story drops, at least in my play style. But most MMO’s aren’t like that. Or, if you are, they become an incredible grind. Stuff like Mabinogi or Black Desert Online can be mostly solo’d, but to do so requires a lot more grind than I want. Guild Wars was actually pretty much my ideal, but that’s done and dead, at least as far as I’m concerned. (I admit, I also want to Barbie it up.)

2 thoughts on “Beginning of Blaugust

  1. ESO had, up until recently, sufficed as a solo MMORPG for me. I joined a guild or two the past month just because I’m really starting to get into the game and have been feeling lonely. Looking forward to seeing what you choose, and your new MMO journey!


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