Some New Hardware

It seems like it’s time to update my hardware. I got my laptop almost six years ago. It was a mid-range “gaming laptop” that I picked up on sale. Wasn’t actually much use for gaming, but it could run Star Trek Online above potato settings, which was enough for me. I unfortunately used it to ‘upgrade’ to W10, which was a mistake. While it still runs decent enough, it’s getting more than a little long in the tooth. I mentioned this earlier, but it’s literally coming apart. And it’s not one of those things I can fix, either. At least one of the screws has broken the plastic it’s screwed into, which means fixing it would need a new piece of the case. That’s not happening. And it’s the one right next to one of the hinges, too, so it gets put under a lot of stress. Every time I open the top, it gets worse.

Thus, I’m in the market for an everyday-use work laptop. Doesn’t really need to play games very well, for this purpose – just have a browser with multiple tabs open, along with Outlook.

Also, I am wanting a replacement for my tablet. I think I’ve covered this before, but I got my tablet a year ago, mostly to play mobage (and the trigger was Princess Connect). But it’s not very good. I had to stop playing Princess Connect because the framerate was so terrible. And Pokemon Masters is also quite trash on it.

My current laptop, soon.

So, if I could take care of both problems, I’d be in business. So, my requirements are:

  • can do work laptop things
  • can do Android apps
  • can do touchscreen stuff

Naturally, we’re looking at Chromebooks. I recalled that they weren’t very expensive. And they aren’t, for the cheap ones. If all I needed was the laptop stuff, that’s where I’d go, straight away. But I also need the Android stuff (including Office Suite), so the cheaper ones wouldn’t do. I don’t know why Google wouldn’t make its two OS’s automatically compatible, but whatever. It’s a thing now.

What I came up with was the Asus Chromebook C434. It’s reviewed very well, and met all my needs. I got the 8GB RAM version, just to be safe and more future-proof. It’s about the same price that I paid for just my laptop, so it’s nice that I can replace two devices with one, even if it is on the expensive side for Chromebooks.

Since I was on Amazon, I picked up some manga too (gotta get those Amazon credit card points bro). For some reason they have all of Watamote except for vol10. Very annoying. Also, I somehow have two copies of v3. Don’t know how I managed that one. I only mention this so I can post one more picture.