Crusader Kings II: AAR Part 5

When we last left of, King Ulitis had died immediately after starting a war for Bryansk, the last of the Romuvan holy sites. While he started out as “The Wise,” apparently he got worse as time went on. I mean, look at that epitaph. So, now we have King Prusas; and, as noted above, he’s a great military leader. He isn’t too bad in the other areas either, but his martial is through the roof. Which is funny, because he’s a fatty. I guess he’s more of a general than a fighter.

Taking advantage of his skills, he starts a war again, for Bryansk (when a ruler dies, any wars they started over personal claims end). This is going along swimmingly, when someone sneaks a snake into his bed and kills him. Should have checked under the sheets there. He lasted a couple weeks over a year. Next up is another fellow named Nomedas. He, however, is a bit of a loser.

Not only were his stats bad to begin with, but he also is infirm. I predict a short reign, but we’ll see. However, one doesn’t need spectacular stats to win wars that were already being won, which he does, which leads to Prussia (and the Romuvan faith) gaining the last holy site. Well, second-to-last, since at some point one of them was inherited by some other kingdom. But this is definitely a start.

Nomedas decides to put all of his remaining efforts into war-fighting, and goes to town. He manages to be successful in most everything, which gains him the very appropriate title of Tenacious. However, being successful while being weak doesn’t paint any less of a target on his back, and one of his dukes challenges him to a duel. Of course Nomedas can’t accept, which isn’t a good mark on his record.

-33 vs 82 personal combat skill? I’m sure that would be fine.

Even though Nomedas is now officially a coward, he still keeps trucking on, keeps on the conquests. The world is going crazy around him, but he’s just going to be fine. Even his queen dies, and he gets a good young one – who he gets pregnant! Alas, his infirmities catch up with him, and he dies after an impressive rule of nine years as an old cripple. Maslaw is the successor.

Maslaw is a mighty man, a smart fellow, and a skilled diplomat on top of it all. He continues with the multi-generational plan to organize the Romuvan faith – conquering territory in the name of religion, regaining holy sites, all that business. He also joins the warrior lodge, as one would expect such a mighty king to do, and quickly moves up the ranks. Alas, at some point the northern (and quite powerful) duchy is either inherited by, or inherits, the kingdom of Pomerania, which not only takes off a huge chunk of the kingdom, but also loses Romuva one of the holy sites. Fortunately the territory is still run by Romuvans, which means the religion’s moral authority doesn’t take a huge hit. Poland eventually either conquers that kingdom, or inherits it, which means Prussia has Poland on three borders, and can’t just conquer the territory back.

To make matters worse, at the relatively young age of 57 Maslaw becomes infirm, a once-mighty warrior brought down to bed. But he doesn’t waste his time: he becomes a renowned poet. And he doesn’t let off leading wars, nor does he stop improving the kingdom. However, his conditions worsen, leaving him totally senile a few years later. This is of course unacceptable, and despite his incredible luck, he’s eventually assassinated by those that want the kingdom to prosper. Before Maslaw was incapacitated, he nominated a good successor in Arelis.

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