My Bartle Test

Always one to feed the data collecting monsters, I decided to take a little test. This is the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology, which makes an attempt to categorize gamers according to the picture above. It’s an old test, designed to classify MUD gamers. But it still holds up, as it’s so basic. It’s also short, which is nice.

And I think it’s pretty accurate. I’m always one who takes it easy, trying to go at my own pace. I don’t care about competitive parts of multiplayer games at all. If I ever even bother with pvp, it’s usually to get some reward (or do some exploration – like Cyrodil in ESO) that can only be done in pvp modes. But I don’t really care so much if I don’t get some shiny if it will be a pain to get. Just walking around, that’s good stuff though. Especially if it uncovers some lore or other cool thing.