New Vegas Blues

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Fallout: New Vegas is one of my favorite games ever. But I didn’t have it installed on this computer, as I found the idea of reinstalling all the mods daunting. And I had other games to play, besides: what’s more important, playing FNV for the tenth time, or my entire backlog at least once?

Well, that came to an end last week. I just couldn’t stand not playing any longer, and rolled up a new character, with the idea of going straight into one of the DLC, Old World Blues. That’s kinda crazy, as it’s meant for higher-level characters. But I was going to do it any ways. Rolled up a high luck energy weapons user, and off I went.

And this was fun. I got all the mods going, and had a relatively stable time! (Usually only had one crash per night! Basically a miracle.) But this game isn’t perfect, as no game is. And I have to make some observations/complaints/questions:

  • Why is the character creator so off from what actually comes out? I mean how does this

become this?

  • Invisible walls are crap. It’s one thing to put them in places where you normally couldn’t get to anyways, but to block perfectly normal paths, just to not let players get a good look at the world, or take a shortcut.
  • The game world is kinda small. I know this is just a game thing, especially when it had to take consoles into consideration, but when you’re doing a real-world location, the lack of scale is a little off-putting. I mean, I’m pretty sure you can walk (not run) from Sloan to the Strip faster in-game than doing the same drive (at desert freeway speeds) in real life.
  • I wish there were more places to use the more flavorful perks. And more stat dialog checks. Those are fun.
  • Everybody says the one good thing about FO4/F76 is that the gunplay is better than NV. I don’t get this. Gunplay seems great to me, and what I’ve seen of the Bethesda games looks positively unfun, like Bioshock Infinite.