November In Review, December Plans

Another month down. November is probably my favorite month. It’s not quite the end of the year, but almost. Thanksgiving is a great holiday. It’s my birthday month. The weather’s getting cooler, but not actually winter yet (though it may snow). Perfect time to play some video games.

But, did I do what was planned? What I thought I’d do, at the beginning of last month, was:

  • ESO on “daily” status
  • Play Atelier Ryza (and possibly finish)
  • Get Cities: Skylines going
  • Get maybe a Switch or PS4 on Black Friday; RDR2 too

Not exactly ambitious. So they were easy to accomplish! Which I did. ESO is more or less on “daily” status. It might have fully been so, but I decided randomly to create an alt (OrcSorc tank – I like to live on the edge!), and play a different campaign (didn’t feel like doing the Daggerfall Compact on my main). But most nights, yah, it’s just doing my daily writs and training horsemanship.

Did finish Atelier Ryza. As mentioned before, relatively short. Decided against getting any of the DLC, since it seems to add maybe a half-hour of story, and a single end-game boss per character. Not worth it to me.

This is bad. Don’t do this.

And I did indeed start up Cities: Skylines again. I’ve been watching Youtube videos of people fixing up traffic issues (pretty much most of the game), and I’ve been trying their ideas. Not quite there yet, but every time I get ideas. Also, the game keeps me up at night – “I’ll just add a few more streets,” or “I’ll just fix this one traffic issue”. Fun times, but less fun when you go to bed an hour late and you have to wake up two hours early for a meeting.

As for Black Friday…that was a bust. No deals on Switch, and only one deal for PS4 (Slim, not Pro), and that was sold out long before I got to it. Not too many deals on games, either, though I did get the Elsewyr expansion for ESO – if I finish it before June, when the next expansion comes out and Elsewyr becomes part of the sub, I think I’ll have gotten a good deal. I saw RDR2 on Steam today; thought about it, but I’ll be giving it a pass for now. I’m just not in the right place for it at this point.

December plans? Honestly, I have little idea. In the mobage realm, December means free rolls and Christmas events, so that’s always fun. I’ll keep on keeping on with ESO. One of these times I’ll “beat” C:S, finally figure out how to make a good, big city with nice traffic. Maybe the various Christmas sales will entice me to something, but I doubt much will come of it. And I might give something in my backlog a go (almost did this past weekend, but ESO caught my fancy for that time).