Granblue Fantasy S2 E7 Review

Nothing much to say here, because nothing much happened. Lots of walking around. Not much dialog for all that walking around. And then it ends before anything actually happens.

This is just a filler episode, of the worst sort: making things up without adding anything new to the story, just for the sake of having an episode. Not to say that the actual episode itself was bad or anything, but it was just kinda there. (I suppose “worst sort” is a bit of an exaggeration: it’s not a clip show, or something along that line.). It is not necessary at all: this island was only a short stop in the game, so while fleshing it out makes some sense, I don’t think it needed three episodes, like Vira’s story did.

In fact, it almost seems like this episode is literal filler. A lot – but not all – of the character art looks like CG with cell shading – kinda like the gemstone anime from a year or two ago. Things were a lot more consistent scene-to-scene than the season has been in the last several episodes (which I’ve commented on several times). The shading looks different from what I’ve been used to seeing. But sometimes it’s all normal. Makes me think that they split up the last episode into two, and filled in the rest with CG. Maybe I’m just seeing things though.

I guess they did need to fit in the “Lyria befriends Orchis” stuff in there somewhere. In the game it happened in the Lumacie part, where we meet Rosetta and Yggdrasil, which was in the last season. Except that they completely skipped all that, making that part into some business with Lyria getting mindbroken by Pommern, then fixed with the power of love (and Yggdrasil). (Also, Pommern is less maliciously evil in the game, and more of a “ends justify the means” villain.)

But still, doing it like this wasn’t the way to go about it, I think. And it takes away from Ferry’s development – she’s supposed to be the point (and, as will surprise no one, is Drang’s point in being there). Ferry, in the game, is a lot more hostile and bitter, actively keeping the party away from her (siccing monsters on them while running away), because she thinks thinks the whole situation is her fault – she wished Celeste there, so she takes the blame and everyone hates her, etc. The doctor still is there (as Drang points out, it’s silly to think that a primal beast came because a girl was lonely), but Ferry didn’t know about it, let alone had gone through all his books. As such Lyria also did her thing, trying her utmost to befriend Ferry (since no one else was too inclined to be nice to someone attacking them), eventually getting through to her, and everyone was happy, the end. And I wonder if the show will have Ferry join the crew, or if it’s going to completely make up the ending to the arc: in the game, for various reasons Ferry has no reason to stay on the island, so goes on the Grancypher.

And that’s it. Nothing too exciting, for good or ill. Just a middle episode to fill out time.

I can’t believe Io is dead!