Worst Computer Experience Ever, Day 3

I think I spoke too soon yesterday. Because Princess Connect did NOT work. It installed just fine. But when I tried to run the game it immediately crashed, and up popped Gmail (only a little disconcerting there, Cygames) with an error message to send to the devs (error 10, which I couldn’t find any mention of in English Google). Didn’t even get to the first screen. So I can’t even do PriConn at work and school, drat.

Now, Pokemon Masters may yet work, if I can figure out sideloading .apk’s. From what I can gather, I have been trying to run them from the wrong folder. Android stuff can’t run natively in ChromeOS, after all. (Though I would have thought that would have been a priority from the start, I guess it wasn’t.) I just have to find the right folder to run it from, I think. Which I haven’t figured out yet. I still have a bit of hope there.

When I finally decided to give up on the games (for now), and focus on the work stuff, I went to download Outlook. Which I had to get from the Play Store (meaning there is no native ChromeOS version, Sad!). Get that going, and it runs fine…but I can’t access my email. Funny, since I was able to get into my email from my browser, on this very computer, from the Outlook online site, with what I believe are the same credentials. But I need some of the functionality of the actual program that isn’t (as far as I can tell) on the browser version. I doubt this is a problem with the machine, but still, sucky experience. I’ll have to contact IT tomorrow to get this sorted out (because OF COURSE it happened after they left for the day).

But I guess not everything is bad. When I was setting up my RSS stuff yesterday, one of the things I unknowingly got was some sort of RSS picker, or whatever you might call it – it looks at a page and sees if there is RSS available for it. Very nice! A lot of the blogs I was following didn’t have an RSS button (even though many are WordPress, which has native RSS functionality, and an easy widget to put that button on one’s site), so I had to either follow them manually (keeping a tab open), or, when applicable, following them from WordPress’ reader…when many were also on my RSS reader, which redundancy was somewhat confusing. And I found an RSS reader for Chrome which looks and functions a lot like Smart RSS on Opera, which is swell. Now just have to see if there’s a non-cucked ad blocker for Chrome.

Also, Granblue Fantasy at least works. Actually, it works great. I decided that, since I was messing around with things, I’d install SkyLink, which is a mobile browser developed by DeNa, made especially for playing browser mobile games…like Granblue Fantasy. And boy does GBF look reeeeealy nice on such a big screen. I mean, the screen has the same resolution as my much bigger monitors at home, but having the game fill up the full screen in portrait mode is something else. Only trouble is that they took out the bottom bar for some reason, and I don’t know the gesture for Refresh (which is like half the gameplay of GBF…). In fact, I was so happy with it, I immediately bought my girl Nio’s new skin. Feels like a totally new game, even though it’s exactly the same as it always was.

Really wish I could play my other games like this…

Oh, and one other nice thing is that having a touch screen is very, very nice, even in laptop mode. I’ve always felt, for reasons I can’t understand, that one should be able to touch the screen on a laptop, and make it do stuff. I guess I just have always had too much Star Trek on the brain. Even with my very first encounters with laptops in the 90’s I wanted to touch the screen. It just felt like the right thing to do. And now it is the right thing to do! Once I get this machine up and going, with a mouse and everything (though the usb port is on the wrong side of the machine, my mouse cable is long enough), things will be rolling.

So yah, while the gaming bit is a huge disappointment, to put it mildly (there might have been some ‘swearing in church’-levels of frustration…), the title of the post might be a biiiiiit exaggerated.