Poppin’ Party: The Music

I realized, far too late, that in my post about Poppin’ Party (from BangDream!) I mentioned the musical style, but didn’t give any examples! I mean, “it’s basically K-On” doesn’t exactly say a whole lot to people that haven’t watched that show. So I’m going to give several examples, because this band in particular has such a varied style (within the bounds of pop rock, at least).

I also should mention that the vocals are as varied as the style. With every other band, you pretty much know who’s singing – the vocals match the character. But Kasumi is apparently extremely skilled, for a girl that just decided on a whim to form a band. Of course, this is a consequence of the voice actor being a singer first, actor second. But it’s still confusing, all the same – I’ll often be playing a song, wondering which band it belongs to, and being surprised its a PP song.

Anyways, on to it. We’ll start with the “original” songs, since that’s obviously what the story’s about (and they also tend to be the ones where Kasumi sounds the most Kasumi). I’ll try to find the full-length songs, where possible (the in-game songs generally are only a single verse or two):

This is the first BangDream song, as you’d imagine. The K-On influences are most apparent here as well.

This is one of the more poppy songs. Indeed, every time I get this confused with a Pastel Pallets song, though at this point I really shouldn’t.

Even more poppy, but it’s about choco cornets, which can only be Rimi, and thus Poppin Party.

And then there’s this, which is a lot harder. Also, it’s the S3 OP for the anime, so that’s something I suppose.

And now a few covers. I guess writing original songs for five (seven soon) bands is a little much for the devs, so there are a bunch of covers too. Oddly, none of the K-On songs are covered by Poppin’ Party.

But Haruhi Suzumiya is pretty close to K-On, right?

I just like the original, and this is a pretty decent version. Hard to do it justice while pretending to just have a five-piece band, but they mostly manage.

Just to finish this off, we have a vidya song. I like this better than the original, and the original’s pretty great. Too bad there’s no full version.

Quick Sunday Musical Interlude: Queensryche

Some months ago I got a new car. It came with Sirius satellite radio, something I’d never experienced before. Much to my surprise, unlike the traditional radio with its broad genre stations, the Sirius stations are often quite specific. While there’s an Oldies station, there’s also a whole Beatles station.

I looked through the station list, and one stuck out to me: Ch. 39, Hair Nation. Hair metal all day, erry day. I love me some classic rock, and I figured some stuff I’d like would be there, but, like most folks, I generally made fun of the whole concept of hair metal. Still I tuned in.

And it’s been the only channel I’ve listened to the whole time.

There were a lot of familiar tunes there, but also some new stuff. Queensryche was one of those new ones to me. If there was one band that was exemplary of that hard metal sound back at the start of the 80’s, it would be them. And also hair, I suppose. I’ve listened to a bunch of their stuff on Youtube by now, and it doesn’t stay that way. But I still think they’re quite good overall. Below is probably my favorite of theirs.

Music Post: Akina Nakamori

A few days ago I was doing something I don’t remember, and a couple of songs came on. Now, I love a certain genre of Japanese pop from the late 70’s thru the early 80’s, known as “city pop.” I don’t know why it’s called that, but you should look it up. Anyhow, it’s no surprise that I should somehow find my way to songs from that era. I just let Youtube do its thing, and then came up with some sort of greatest hits thing from Akina Nakamori:

This is pretty different from what I was used to. And some of it sounded familiar, like from some anime, but I couldn’t place it. Oh, and it’s good stuff. I guess Nakamori, at least from what Wikipedia tells me, was one of the top idols from the early 80’s, and I can certainly see why. This stuff is catchy as hell. Even Youtube agrees: it just played like three of these song compilations in a loop (the autoplay algorithm can really use some work, which is why I stopped using Youtube as a music player).

Saturday Music Post

Yah, this is lazy. Don’t feel so good, so don’t care.

I’m not really one that cares too much about music, to be honest. Or rather, I’m not one that cares to go searching for new stuff. Hell, I generally prefer music that’s older than I am. Sometimes I do find new stuff, though, even if it was at one point very popular.

So it was with this song. I was driving home the other day, and this came on the radio. I knew it was Chicago, but I don’t think I’ve heard it too much before. When I got home, I immediately went to find it, and I’ve listened to it over and over.

Can’t say I really like the lyrics, but I rarely do. But the music and singing are pretty great, and go together very well. I mean, there’s a reason Chicago is so beloved.

An aside – usually Youtube puts some Heart song after this. I don’t get their autoplay algorithms. I know it’s partly based on your listening history, and part on related songs (I supposed determined by what other people listen to with the song), but the two don’t really go together, I don’t think, other than being “80’s pop music”.

For some reason, this is Dragalia Lost’s gacha-rolling music:

I think someone was having a giggle over at Nintendo. Or Cygames.