An Update

I have been playing games. Really. I’ve been playing ESO almost religiously. It’s just, there’s not a lot to write about here. I’ve been mostly going through the faction story areas for the Ebonheart Pact, and am just cleaning up Eastmarch right now. Not a lot to blog about there, though I have gotten some amusing screenshots, at least. (The above isn’t mine, because I’m not at my PC, but I have one identical to it, because of course you take a screen of Naryu being cute.) I also did the Clockwork City DLC quests, which were a nice break from the main stuff.

I hit the “max level” (Really for reals this time!) again, meaning CP 160. So now I can max out my gear and stuff. I’ve been trying to improve my builds and play, so I don’t embarrass myself out there in dungeons. But I’ve discovered that I don’t really like that aspect of the game, and that the gear I can get that’s good for my build isn’t in the dungeons (there’s some in trials, and some from crafting). I’m going bow/bow, like a chump, but it’s pretty simple for my casual brain. Not the ideal setup for dps, but I like to actually fit into my role and class (which is apparently what the devs want too), and five active abilities doesn’t really do that for me. I still need a better self-heal than what I’ve got, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Granblue Fantasy got a new event, and in short, it’s kino. It’s also somewhat amusing how some people miss what little subtlety and literary merit is in these mobage stories – they say it sucks, when it’s clear that they are the problem. Not to say it’s going to change anyone’s life, or get any sort of writing award, but it’s not bad in the slightest. Now, there were some missed expectations – some were hoping for an All Siegman All the Time flashback event, when it was instead the usual fujo/yume-pandering Dragon Knights event, but that should have been expected. Lancelot got another skin, but at least it’s free this time. And no deus-ex-Siegman this time (though they accomplished this by making him part of the problem…).

And the Dragalia Lost 1st Anniversary is upon us. No event at all, but lots of free stuff. Euden got the gala this time, as expected; and he’s not broken, which was somewhat unexpected: I guess Cleo was just a fluke. (Though looking at the actual history of the game and genre, that much powercreep was really out of the ordinary, and it’s kinda a surprise that she hasn’t been even slightly nerfed yet.)

Oh, and part of what kept me from writing is that I finally had my gallbladder surgery a few days ago. (I do have a picture of what they took out of me, but I’m not going to post it, since that’s probably what would be the Twitter post picture…) Probably the best-case scenario, as far as recovery goes: I was up and at ’em five hours after walking into the surgery center, and haven’t had any additional pain medication needed; indeed, I’ve actually used less (fewer?) painkiller than I normally do! Still sore – feels like someone(s) punched me in the gut a few dozen times – but not painful unless I do something that uses my core muscles. There was one uncomfortable complication, but I hear that’s normal with general anesthetic, and it seems to be resolved at this time. But this basically gave me another weekend to play games (ESO), which was nice.


Mobage Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. Things have happened. I said I would talk about past events, but haven’t. Story stuff has happened. Etc.

It’s hard for me to talk about Princess Connect updates and events. Because, despite the fact that I retweet (and occasionally post here) untranslated Japanese stuff, I don’t actually understand Japanese. Neither reading or writing. Sure, I’ve been learning. But on a scale of N5 to N1 (official Japanese language skill exam levels), I’m like a N7. Mabye N8. Not even at the “can get the rough gist of things without subs” (though good enough to tell when subs are way off). So yah. Slow going. And, as PriConn is pretty much a visual novel with a management game attached, events are hard for me to appreciate. I still participate, as much as I can, but I skip most of the dialog. Which helps, because I only have about 20-30 mins per day to play this particular game.

But there was a new event! Some character goes to school for two weeks, for reasons! Stuff happens when she is there! She makes some friends! A couple of them turned out to be really popular with the community. One of them got a new SSR character this banner, and PriConn Twitter exploded. From what I can tell, she’s not that good, but not useless either.

In Dragalia Lost…well, stuff’s been happening, I guess. It continues to have the problem of too-long banners and events. And since the last summer event, there has been nothing new. And very little hype leading up to the anniversary, which is next week (either Thursday or Friday). Even the most recent banner (or rather, the next one) is a rerun dragon banner, with none of the featured dragons being particularly good – and only one of them being good at all. The only hint that something big is happening this month is that “something big” was announced at the beginning of the month, and there have been free daily rolls for some time. But other games, even other Cygames games, have had much bigger lead-ups to their anniversary: extra crystals, free 10-rolls, extra loot drops in content, and the like. Maybe tonight’s news will have that, but I’m not confident.

At least we got/are getting some new content. Got a couple new Void raids, which are nice for casuals like me. Tomorrow I believe is the new High Zodiark raid, which is nice for esports guys not like me (I haven’t even touched the second High Dragon raid). And last week we got a new beating stick (Mercurial Gauntlet), for the whales and tryhards. And, for people that actually like story in their RPG’s, we got a new main story chapter too, to lead off into the next arc of the story.

Speaking of main story, it was a bit of a let-down. Even the boot-lickers at Reddit were upset. More of a lore/worldbuilding infodump chapter than an advancement of plot or character. Typical shounen/jrpg premature end-boss encounter, where you go into it thinking things are going to get better, but they only get worse. I’ll have more to say on this sort of phenomenon in another post, since this event made me think of it.

Granblue Fantasy also had an addition to the main story. This was better than the DL addition, though it did leave a bad taste in my mouth at the end. It ended the current story chapter, and gave a big lore dump – finally, the/an explanation for what Lyria is! And Vyrn too, I guess, though we knew most of it already. I’m not sure I trust this explanation, though – first, we never hear Mikaboshi’s explanation, just that very trustworthy devil-man’s. And a part of his lore dump contradicts the explanation of Bahamut given by Sky-Lucio in the anniversary event, and what isn’t contradictory is incomplete compared to what we’ve heard earlier. Of course, GBF’s lore has always been this way (and that’s another thing I’ll cover in that upcoming post), this kinda wishy-washy unclear mess that seems like it’s made up as they go (almost certain that this is exactly the case – not that it’s a bad thing, inherently).

But man, that ending. Way dark for this game, especially for the main story, which has been generic good-boy shounen to this point (heck, even Naruto or One Piece aren’t afraid to have people die). I guess an organization that calls itself The Society might not be entirely on the up-and-up. But can this mean that we will finally get some acknowledgement of the various side stories in the main story?

Tokyo Game Show: What I Actually Care About

Lots of stuff happening at the Tokyo Game Show…mostly stuff I don’t give a darn about. Like FFVII remake? Don’t care. Death Stranding? Nope. I’m sure there’s other stuff, but as I said, I don’t really care. I’ve been too caught up in the MMO scene to give much of a crap about things like new games. That, and the old games going on sale keep building in my backlog…

Much of a crap, though. There are some things I do care about (thus the title). One of those is Granblue Fantasy Versus. I wasn’t expecting much more than a character reveal with another gameplay demo, and I wasn’t disappointed. And of course it was Metera.

Looks like she’s an aerial/ranged fighter. Might be cool. Kinda sad they censored her maximum booty shorts to just regular booty shorts, but that’s CalSony for you. Not that I care too much about Metera – she’s cute when she’s not being a terrible person, but that whole thing isn’t my type (her sister Sutera is much more my speed). But you know, it’s the principle of the thing.

But even bigger news: the Dusk trilogy of the Atelier series is coming out for modern platforms. I’ll actually be able to play them now. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this series: Arland fans hate it, some people think it’s the best trilogy of the modern games; some people think Ayesha is good, but the other two aren’t; others think Shallie is the low point of the series as a whole, while others like it. So yah, I’m totally getting this. I didn’t get the Arland series when it came out: 90 burgers is a lot to pay for some computer games that I’ve already bought (Rorona twice already!). But (likely) the same price, for games I don’t have? And games which don’t get deep discounts? Yah, I’m game.

No release date yet, that I can see, though preorders go up in Japan on the 26th of this month. Also no confirmation of the English version, but this is the Tokyo Game Show, so I’ll expect we’ll hear more at a later date.

Also Atelier related, we got Atelier Ryza’s story trailer:

Looks like the typical “Man, this place is boring; let’s go on an adventure!” seen in many RPG’s. Slightly less used in Atelier games, though: usually adventure comes to them, not the other way around. Might be cool. Of course, I’m getting this ASAP. Or at least as soon as practical. Which, considering my progress in Elder Scrolls Online, might not be right when the game comes out.

So yah, that’s what I care about so far. There might be some more interesting things coming out later this weekend. We’ll see. It’s just so hard for me to care about games that come out on systems I don’t own (which, for modern games is all but PC – maybe Black Friday that will change).

Worst Computer Experience Ever, Day 3

I think I spoke too soon yesterday. Because Princess Connect did NOT work. It installed just fine. But when I tried to run the game it immediately crashed, and up popped Gmail (only a little disconcerting there, Cygames) with an error message to send to the devs (error 10, which I couldn’t find any mention of in English Google). Didn’t even get to the first screen. So I can’t even do PriConn at work and school, drat.

Now, Pokemon Masters may yet work, if I can figure out sideloading .apk’s. From what I can gather, I have been trying to run them from the wrong folder. Android stuff can’t run natively in ChromeOS, after all. (Though I would have thought that would have been a priority from the start, I guess it wasn’t.) I just have to find the right folder to run it from, I think. Which I haven’t figured out yet. I still have a bit of hope there.

When I finally decided to give up on the games (for now), and focus on the work stuff, I went to download Outlook. Which I had to get from the Play Store (meaning there is no native ChromeOS version, Sad!). Get that going, and it runs fine…but I can’t access my email. Funny, since I was able to get into my email from my browser, on this very computer, from the Outlook online site, with what I believe are the same credentials. But I need some of the functionality of the actual program that isn’t (as far as I can tell) on the browser version. I doubt this is a problem with the machine, but still, sucky experience. I’ll have to contact IT tomorrow to get this sorted out (because OF COURSE it happened after they left for the day).

But I guess not everything is bad. When I was setting up my RSS stuff yesterday, one of the things I unknowingly got was some sort of RSS picker, or whatever you might call it – it looks at a page and sees if there is RSS available for it. Very nice! A lot of the blogs I was following didn’t have an RSS button (even though many are WordPress, which has native RSS functionality, and an easy widget to put that button on one’s site), so I had to either follow them manually (keeping a tab open), or, when applicable, following them from WordPress’ reader…when many were also on my RSS reader, which redundancy was somewhat confusing. And I found an RSS reader for Chrome which looks and functions a lot like Smart RSS on Opera, which is swell. Now just have to see if there’s a non-cucked ad blocker for Chrome.

Also, Granblue Fantasy at least works. Actually, it works great. I decided that, since I was messing around with things, I’d install SkyLink, which is a mobile browser developed by DeNa, made especially for playing browser mobile games…like Granblue Fantasy. And boy does GBF look reeeeealy nice on such a big screen. I mean, the screen has the same resolution as my much bigger monitors at home, but having the game fill up the full screen in portrait mode is something else. Only trouble is that they took out the bottom bar for some reason, and I don’t know the gesture for Refresh (which is like half the gameplay of GBF…). In fact, I was so happy with it, I immediately bought my girl Nio’s new skin. Feels like a totally new game, even though it’s exactly the same as it always was.

Really wish I could play my other games like this…

Oh, and one other nice thing is that having a touch screen is very, very nice, even in laptop mode. I’ve always felt, for reasons I can’t understand, that one should be able to touch the screen on a laptop, and make it do stuff. I guess I just have always had too much Star Trek on the brain. Even with my very first encounters with laptops in the 90’s I wanted to touch the screen. It just felt like the right thing to do. And now it is the right thing to do! Once I get this machine up and going, with a mouse and everything (though the usb port is on the wrong side of the machine, my mouse cable is long enough), things will be rolling.

So yah, while the gaming bit is a huge disappointment, to put it mildly (there might have been some ‘swearing in church’-levels of frustration…), the title of the post might be a biiiiiit exaggerated.

Spark Time

Finally, summer in Granblue Fantasy is just about over. That means all the summer limiteds are back in the gacha, and this year’s are on rateup. I’ve been saving my currency since…April, I think. That means I have enough to roll 300 times, which means that I can pick any of the rateup characters. Trouble is, I don’t have any in mind. Oh well, we’ll see what happens…

Pretty dang good. The rate for SSR’s (which is what really matters) is 6% right now, so the average is 18. Kinda disappointed I didn’t get Summer Arulu, but can’t win everything I guess.

Also, there’s a new event. More on that later.

Look at all those new characters.

Dress-up In Games

I think one of the draws of some games, especially some RPG’s, is the ability to customize the characters’ looks. Sometimes it’s pretty simple, and sometimes it’s really complicated. When I read reviews of RPG’s in particular, a big deal is often made of character customization – how deep it is, how complicated it is, just what it can do, or if anything is absent. MMO’s in particular tend to be pretty heavy in the character customization game, both in the creation and in the later parts of gameplay.

For me, this is one of the reasons I will start a game, and a potential reason for me to keep with a game, or if I drop it if I get bored. For example, I’ve been playing Star Trek Online ever since it went F2P in 2012. I’ve done just about everything I give a single care about doing, many multiple times. And I’m not really digging the direction it’s been going the past year or so. So, why stick with it? In part, because of the character customization. I have more than 20 current alts, with several I’ve made and deleted over the years. The character customization is very deep, while not being too complicated. Not only can you customize your PC, but you can also fully customize all of your bridge officers. And not only that, but you can customize your ships too! It’s great. In fact, it’s so great that the few problems really stand out – limited color pallets, same colors sometimes don’t match on different outfit pieces, and do on. There’s a reason people say the real endgame is space barbie.

And part of why I wanted to get into FFXIV and Elder Scrolls Online was some fantasy character creation, with the ability to get more gear and nice outfits. FFXIV has really delivered, even though I’m still in the early game. ESO, though, has been a bit of a disappointment, personally, despite the very wide array of outfit pieces. To get into why, I’ll have to explain a bit of theory.

The way I see it, there’s a three-way continuum for how outfits can go: a sexy-cute-cool continuum. For these purposes, I’ll define ‘sexy’ as ‘designed to emphasize the (ideal) physical form,’ ‘cute’ as ‘designed to invoke a feeling of youthfullness or childishness,’ and ‘cool’ as ‘meant to looks awesome’. Not exactly scientific, but it’s one of those things where ‘you know it when you see it’. And these are sort of objective; while a ‘sexy’ outfit might not be particularly sexy to you, or me, it’s clearly meant to be that way, as opposed to cute or cool.

(And of course, there’s another axis orthagonal to this spectrum, which I’d say is something like ‘extremeness’. Kinda like a contrast, or darkness/lightness spectrum. So, say, the traditional Amish dress, and a gothic lolita cosplay dress, would both be at the ‘cute’ corner. The Amish dress would be at the unextreme end, while the gothloli dress would be at the extreme end. In fact, I’d say most of the things normal people wear normally would be at the unextreme end, somewhere on that triangle.)

I’m going to give some examples, from Granblue Fantasy, for both male and female characters. Male is a bit harder, since what (straight) dudes, which is what most game devs are, would find cool, others would find sexy. And ‘cute’ male outfits are few and far between, for the same reason.


And of course, there’s everything in between.

My problem with ESO is that almost every piece of gear, and even the outfits, are weighted towards the ‘cool’ corner. Some of the cash shop outfits are heading towards the ‘cute’ corner, but even there they’re pretty much all at the less extreme part of that spectrum. And of what few things are at the ‘sexy’ part of the triangle…they aren’t very sexy to me. I mean, this is I think the sexiest outfit available for PC’s:

And that doesn’t do a whole lot for me. Part of it is that I’m more into the lower body, and that’s completely covered. But another part is that the character model itself doesn’t lend itself to much sexiness, at least as far as they’ve made sexy outfits. Look up there: if you didn’t have the bra thing, would you even know it’s female? (The male version of this outfit is just that without the bra.) Heck, there are boob window dresses (common in Vvardenfell, especially in the Telvani areas), but because of the anti-cleavage body models, and the dress colors that tend to match the skin tones of the NPC’s, it’s hard to tell that that’s what they are.

Now, it’s pretty shallow of me, but if I’m going to make a female character, I want her to look quite different from a male character I could have made. If I just wanted some cool armor (and especially a cool helmet), does male or female even matter at that point? What I want is a female character that is sexy and/or cute, somewhere on that left side of the triangle. Or in the extreme part of the center.

This is just a minor complaint about ESO though. It’s quite the fun game, with lots to do, and the cool armors and outfits are quite cool. But the character customization and dress-up isn’t the thing that’s going to keep me coming back for years and years.

FFXIV, though…

Timelines In MMO’s (and Other RPG’s)

I was reading a reddit thread earlier, about a recent (in-character) blog post for Star Trek Online. Most of the thread was grousing (yet again) about the official timeline for the game: everything in the game takes place in the years 2409 and 2410. And the year isn’t over yet.

Now, said thread has the author of the post (a fan, not a dev) in there to justify said timeline. Basically, all that stuff happens quickly, and in rapid succession. And I can see how that could theoretically be justified.

But really, I think it’s a big stretch, especially since these things don’t take place in a vacuum. Part of the whole “RPG” thing is “role-playing,” ie, taking a role. The PC is a Character, after all. And while all the stuff in STO could, in theory, possibly take place in two years – two TV seasons, in other words – that would only really work with an established crew with an established captain. But that’s the trouble – in STO, no matter which faction you pick, you start out as a lowly junior officer, and end up as a full admiral (or its equivalent) well before even getting to the real “big damn hero” stuff.

The reddit thread offers some alternative timelines. One would be to have time in-game roughly match real life time. That’s how the shows worked. And it would at least be slightly sensible to take at least several years to build up rank. It’s still way too damn fast – even Kirk took about a decade as Captain to rank up – but at least it’s not crazy. Another option would be for each in-game “season” (major content patch) to equate to a year. This is also how the shows worked, although each show only had one season per year, so both are viable. This is better for the rank progression issue – we’re at something like season 18 or 19 I think, which makes for a much more sensible career path, even for a “saves the galaxy multiple times” hero.

(My own personal headcanon is that one’s career – and the events in the game – take place over at least a couple of decades, at least on the Federation side of things. Klingons can justify all this based on merit – this is the stuff songs are sung about, after all; and the Romulans can as well, as they’re basically the Rebel Alliance, promoting anybody to high rank as long as they stay alive and are successful. But Starfleet is pretty much a traditional, modern, bureaucratic military-complex, and while heroes get noticed (and thus placed first in line for promotions), there is still a process to all this. Hell, even in the US Civil War, brilliant officers still took the whole war to get from low to high rank.)

All that brought on the thought: what about other games? Especially MMO’s. From the games I’ve played, time doesn’t really seem to pass. I mean, some have day-night cycles, and some have seasonal events. But time doesn’t seem to pass in-character, for the most part, besides the occasional time-skip (like Dragon Age 2). When you have quests you can do in any order, especially sequence ones that can be interwoven (or, heaven forfend, out of order!), that makes trouble for setting up a timeline.

Let’s take Granblue Fantasy, for example. In a recent interview Director Fukuhara said that all the events were canon, but that they really didn’t think about where they fall in relation to each other (and the main story) – the players are all over the place in terms of what they’ve played (and I figure most are relatively low-level, and thus not as far along in the story), so making an extended timeline (a la Radiant Historia) is not something they’re terrible interested in. Of course, they’ve had six summer events now, and we can guess the game is five or so years along. And some events have characters that can only be present at certain times in the main story (like the recent Fastiva event…). I have my ideas, but that’s all they are – ideas.

But I was thinking about this in terms of, say, the Elder Scrolls games (including Elder Scrolls Online). We can guess what year they take place in (I think they’re actually explicitly stated somewhere, actually, even in-game) – or rather, the year they start. But how long do they take? In these sorts of games, you can’t even decide which events are canon, since there is the element of player choice, let alone what order events take place in, let alone when the events take place. (It was worst with Skyrim, which is perhaps at least part of why ESO takes place an age before any of the other games.)

Maybe I’m just being too big of a giant nerd about this.

Mobage Stuff

Stuff has been happening in the mobile games I’ve been playing, too. Granblue Fantasy has gotten its big collaboration event with the OG Love Live crew (which is linked to the 2nd gen Love Live crew event from last year). Dragalia Lost got a sequel to the previous summer event. Princess Connect has a rerun event from last summer going, but also is celebrating its half-anniversary with free 10-rolls, so that’s something too.

I have to say, for both GBF and DL I like the direction of the events compared to the previous. Both the older events (though DL’s was only a month ago) were pretty straightforward, “thing is threatening the place, so we gotta fight it”. Which was weird for the LL event, because the LL girls were entirely useless pretty much the whole time. I mean, you’d expect newbs to be useless, but they were really useless. At least the events in both games gave some character development to the main cast, but they were otherwise pretty normal, “everyone gets along to face the trial” stuff.

These new events though were a change of pace. For DL, I really liked the exploration of self-doubt and social fear on Cleo’s part, and how Siren helped her learn to cut loose and have fun, despite her own challenges (which is odd, since Cleo was all about “tanoshii pahty” back at Dragon Christmas, but whatever, I guess dancing around in a bikini on stage is different from hosting a party in a skimpy santa dress). Of course the event had a happy end, but it was nice that the “threat” was “people might not come to a concert because they are afraid of the singer for good reason,” (her name is Siren, after all) rather than some monster or another.

The LL collab in GBF was a bit more traditional in structure (there are monsters and such), but I think it utilized the LL girls a lot better this time around. Of course, it also helps that the OG LL girls are much more fully realized characters than their sequel counterparts. I’m only tangentially interested in LL, and I have to say the characters her caught me better than in last year’s collab, where it seems everyone just revolved around the main girl Chika. I gotta say, though, that Nico or Maki seem like better main character material than Honoka, but that’s probably just a LL thing more than a GBF thing. The fact that there is some conflict between the LL girls in this rather stressful situation – not much, but just a little banter and chops-busting – adds a bit of spice to what could have been a very saccharine outing.

I appreciated how the LL girls are clearly out of their depth here, but aren’t useless either. Some of them even take the time to learn some good magic stuff. And they actually utilize their skills to help the people of the town, in a way that makes sense, and is self-sustaining (or it would be, if we didn’t know what was coming). I also like that there’s an actual reason the LL girls come to the GBF world, and it wasn’t just some random thing like all the other idol collabs. There’s just a lot of good worldbuilding in this event that I like.

A Little Burnout With the Little Games

Man, I’m really not feeling it, with the mobile games at least. This happens every so often; I’m sure folks who play the same type of games every day get that burnout feeling. But it’s odd for me to get it with two games at once. I haven’t really played Granblue Fantasy, in any significant amount, in like, a week; I even missed a day of getting that free 10-roll. And with Dragalia lost, I haven’t even done my dailies yet, and it’s an hour before reset.

I was wondering why. Like I said, burnout for two regular games at once is not usual for me. Partly because I don’t really go hardcore, so even on days when I’m really into a game it’s only for a couple hours, at most. But on thinking on it, I have a few ideas.

First, it’s kind of a dead period in both games. GBF has a rerun going, and the prizes are not inspiring. The game mode to get those prizes is also a bit annoying. DL has a new event, but it’s been out for some time now. One of the problems DL has, in general, is that its events go on quite a bit longer than they should. A week is a good length, I think, but DL has theirs for at least ten days. I especially think the raid events take too long to play, over and over and over again.

Next, I just don’t have anything real to work towards. Like I said yesterday, the thing I like about these games is the story, and a lot of the story is in the gacha. In both games I have quite a lot of resources saved for drawing the gacha, over a full spark’s worth in GBF (388 at the time of writing this; ten more for sure when I get the surprise ticket). Since I don’t have incentive to save much more in the immediate future, I don’t want to play.

Additionally, and maybe most importantly, I’ve got two new games I’m playing at the moment. The new and shiny has made the old and well-known (and well-worn, in some cases) games lack luster in comparison. Why play these old, simple, kinda boring games when I can play these other games I haven’t played before. During the work week I only have so much time for games, after all.

Not a crisis by any means, but just something I was thinking about. Some new event will come soon in both games, and then it’ll be back in those mines, too.

Granblue Fantasy Summer Stream Impressions

Not very summery, but I wanted a picture here.

Last night/this morning (it started at 3am local) was the now-annual Granblue Fantasy Summer Extra Festival stream. Had a bunch of voice actors, along with the director and producer of the game. Every player loves these streams, because they provide news about future stuff (there’s also stats about the past, and a variety/game show with the VA’s, but not many people would tune in for that). Big thanks goes to @granblue_en for both doing a live stream translation, and a Twitter translation as well. You can go over there to check out all the news, but I’ll just focus on what I really liked.

First, Re:Link actually had news! I figured it was alive, but I didn’t think it’d be mentioned this time, what with the Vs. hype and all. News wasn’t anything significant, just that there’d be news in the December stream. Pretty much the same exact thing that they said last summer, but it was nice that it was acknowledged.

Vs. actually was kinda exciting. No new character revelation, but rather a whole new mode. I’ll be honest, I was basically planning on skipping the game. I’m not a fighting game fan, and they rarely have enough story to keep me going through even the story mode on Easy (Persona 4 Arena is pretty much the only exception, and even then I never played the sequel). But the big announcement, that’s been hinted at since at least Anime Expo, is that this game has an RPG mode. Looks like a side-scrolling beat-em-up, with enemies, bosses, etc. They demoed it a bit on the stream, with some of the VA’s playing their characters (the VA’s for Charlotte and Ferry looked like they had never touched a FTG in their lives). They got rekt’d, since it was secretly on Hard mode. But it was interesting, and definitely got me thinking hard about buying a PS4. The game comes out next February, so I’ve got some time to think about it.

There was a new class announced (all pictures from @granblue_en):

Tormentor; Djeeta can torment me any time…

Some skins/recolors added to the existing classes, and in a complete surprise move, the MC can use existing skins of other characters. There’s also some Arcanum improvements, a new class of weapons, Magna/Omega+, uncaps to the Primal summons, the rest(?) of the summer characters, and some other skins.

Not so Thighsworn anymore; has she been skipping leg day?

The second season of the anime was previewed, with a whole different studio and creative staff behind it. Looks like it will be a continuation of the first season; the producer said that they took fan feedback from the first season into account when they made this one, so hopefully we’ll get something more than following the generic storyline this time. But we did get a shot of Aliza’s boob, which hints that we’ll get at least something like the few good episodes from the first season (like the treasure hunt one).

Good stream. Even though it was quite late, and I had a migraine, I’m still glad I stayed up for it (well, technically, woke up). Unlike some, I do generally enjoy the variety show segments, and the stats. Looking forward to the changes in the game that have been previewed.