The Physical Blogspace

Today’s Blaugust prompt is from Krikket of Nerd Girl Thoughts:

Tell us about your physical creative space, and how it influences your content creation.

My physical “creative” space is pretty simple. I do most of my blogging during breaks at work. In my office. Because of course I have my own office; “janitorial shift manager” is a very prestigious position. I’m not going to post any pictures, because it’s very simple really. I’ve got my chromebook here, my work pc that I only use if I need to print something (as the chromebook only has ONE usb port), and various office supplies all around.

The office itself is small (a couple years ago I traded size for air conditioning; a fair trade if I do say so), about 8.5’x10.5′. The computers face one corner. I’ve got on-wall bookshelves above the desk, which takes up most of two walls. The bookshelf directly in my sight has my diploma and various books (this would be where relevant people have their Important Reference Books; I just have some old college textbooks, and Japanese learning aids).

That’s how it is. Not terribly inspiring. Maybe if I had somewhere more “creative,” my posts might be better. Probably not, though, since the posts I do at home on the weekends aren’t any better. If this setting inspires me at all, it’s to work fast. Because they are work breaks. Sure, I have more time now, seeing as how we have no one in the dorms. But normal times, not so much. I’ve got to be quick. No time for proofreading or editing. (Not that I’d do anything like that anyhow; I never did for papers at for school, either.)

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