Most (and Least) Rewatchable Treks

Lorerunner is putting together his end-of-rumination-series videos for TNG and DS9, and asked his viewers to vote for the most-rewatchable and least-rewatchable episodes for those shows. At least that’s how I interpreted the inquiry. Since I wasn’t watching his stuff back when he was doing Voyager, and he hasn’t done TOS or Enterprise yet, I figure I’ll just make my own list for all of the real Trek series that I’ve seen – so everything besides The Animated Series (which only had one season, so I don’t think it’d be worth it to make such a list anyways).

Again, this is a most (or least) rewatchable list, not a list of the best or my most favorite. Sure, there might be some overlap, but some of those episodes are really heavy, or might be part of two-parters where I don’t necessarily want to watch the other part, stuff like that. My thought process is: if I were going to, say, donate platelets, and was stuck watching something for an hour or so, what episodes would I take with me? And what would I absolutely never bring? I’ll start the list of Most Rewatchable, then make the list of Least Rewatchable:

Most Rewatchable

  • The Enterprise Incident – A fun heist show, and the Romulan Captain is hot.
  • Whom Gods Destroy – Garth is fun to watch every time.
  • Balance of Terror – This is just a great episode, and the drama never gets old.
  • The City on the Edge of Forever – Besides being one of the best episodes in the franchise, I really like the “fish out of water” aspect; this will come up again and again.
  • Patterns of force – The Nazi episode, great fun.
  • Tapestry – Picard and Q interactions at their best.
  • The Chase – Good lore, and a fun episode about science, with all the major races participating.
  • First Contact – A look from the other side of things; I like when the format is different (this will come up a lot too).
  • Relics – It’s got Scotty, what more do you want?
  • Face of the Enemy – Troi actually gets to do something major? And it’s good? Sign me up!
  • Duet – This is my favorite episode, and I can rewatch it so much. Great acting, and important lore.
  • In The Pale Moonlight – Again, doing something different. Very snappy pacing, and great payoff in the end.
  • Trials and Tribbleations – This is just great fun.
  • In The Cards – Right before things get serious, a comedy episode that works.
  • Little Green Men – Another time travel episode, this time with Ferengi. The best stuff.
  • Distant Origin – A VOY episode not primarily about Voyager and its crew? And Chakotay gets to do stuff? Neat!
  • Non Sequitur – Repeat the above, but with Harry.
  • Message in a Bottle – Repeat the above, but with the Doctor, and another doctor, and another ship.
  • False Profits – More Ferengi means more fun.
  • Dragon’s Teeth – Good to see the Voyager crew get what’s coming to them for once. Also a good lore ep for STO.
  • Carbon Creek – Not really time travel, but may as well be. Vulcans in 50’s America? Nice.
  • First Flight – Again, doing something different and fun, and good lore.
  • The Andorian Incident – Shran is the man, and Vulcans get wrekt.
  • The Catwalk – Different settings like this can be quite fun.
  • Terra Prime – Great episode all around, and one of those rare two-parters where the second part is better than the first (and mostly can stand alone, which is why it’s here).

Least Rewatchable

  • Miri – Kids in Trek is almost always bad.
  • Assignment: Earth – As a kid I loved this, but it’s just not Trek (almost literally, if you know the background).
  • And the Children Shall Lead – Again, kids.
  • The Galileo Seven – Eh, just hard to watch, and not good.
  • The Omega Glory – Pure cringe.
  • Sub Rosa – Ghost sex, in my Star Trek? More likely than you might think!
  • Shades of Grey – Hate clip shows.
  • Devil’s Due – Fake supernatural stuff is the worst.
  • Code of Honor – Season 1 is weird and bad, and this is the worst of it.
  • The Outrageous Okona – Intentional comedy rarely works in Trek, and this is the worst.
  • Meridian – Boring as hell.
  • The Muse – Same
  • Accession – Same
  • Distant Voices – I really don’t like this sort of mind trip episode.
  • Whispers – Worst of the Torture O’Brien episodes.
  • The Chute – Don’t like the “We’re in jail” episodes, where the point is they’re in jail (as opposed to constant flashbacks as to why they’re in jail).
  • 11:59 – One of those “out of time” episodes that doesn’t work in any way, AND is boring as hell.
  • Tsunkatse – WWF crossover in my Star Trek?
  • Spirit Folk – Boring holodeck bs with boring holodeck malfunction bs. Gross.
  • Shattered – Just don’t care.
  • A Night in Sickbay – Just absolutely terrible.
  • These Are the Voyages… – Same
  • Cogenitor – Character-breaking propaganda episode, even more cringe than The Omega Glory.
  • Dear Doctor – Prime Directive episodes are usually skips, and this is the worst of them.
  • Observer Effect – I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, and this ep is pure nightmare fuel. Also, not good to make up for that.

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