Blapril 2020 Results

Looks like I did it. Did 37 posts between Mar 29 and May 9 (inclusive). Including 30 posts in the actual month of April, one every day. Even if some of those were posted the last minute (I think one literally).

Not only were my posts frequent, but they were varied. Some were even about things other than video games! But all of it was about stuff I cared about, which is the important thing I think. That’s the point of this blog, after all: it’s my sounding-board to the world. And some other people read it, so that’s nice too.

Now, what for the future of the blog? I don’t know. Not just because I don’t know the future. But what will I care about sufficient to write about? I mean, there’s stuff I get heated about, but I’m not going to write about. I still haven’t done my Picard review, after all, and I’m still mad about that show. I do hope, though, that it won’t die, again. It’s not like I don’t have a lot of free time, even at work, to at least think of stuff to write about. So, we’ll see.

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