April and May

April turned out to be a more exciting month than I had anticipated. Stuff actually happened. Well, stuff to blog about, at least. Real life stuff didn’t really happen much at all. And not just because of some silly shutdown. But that aside, yah, stuff.

  • Of course we had (still technically have, I suppose) Blapril. What a good way to get back in the saddle for blogging. I made it a goal to write something – anything – every day. And look what happened:
  • Yep, actually got writing every day for a month. That calendar didn’t even look that way with Blaugust. (Part of it was because I didn’t have my blog time set to the correct time zone…) The posts might not have been of the highest quality – I’m not a writer, and I don’t actually write outlines or drafts or any of that stuff proper writers do – but they are there. I didn’t even get blogging fatigue (other sorts of mental fatigue, sure, but not from blogging). I’ll call that a win.
  • I finished a game. An actual game that has an end, and I reached it! Finished Breath of the Wild. Such a good experience, one of the best I’ve had in gaming in a long while.
How does Link always get the fish cuties?
  • I also started a couple new games: Fire Emblem Warriors, and Tales of Zestria. I beat the main story of FEW, but that’s not saying much – it’s only a few missions, actually kinda disappointing. And the side mission mode doesn’t look nearly as engaging as its equivalent in Hyrule Warriors: it doesn’t look like you unlock new weapons or characters this way, at least not without buying the DLC (which I won’t). Might be wrong about that though, haven’t looked into it. Berseria I just started, only got an hour or two so far.
  • Got back into Dragalia Lost a bit. Not sure why, maybe just hyped from the new story, event, and now FEH collaboration. But for my other “regular games,” I’ve all but given up on Princess Connect – I didn’t play during my week of vacation, and lost all momentum, and thus my motivation for playing. Granblue Fantasy is in a similar state, though at least I can read the new stories each month. ESO is basically login once a week. STO even less, if there’s no event going on.
  • I also got back into Crusader Kings II. Got the dlc, started a playthrough, started an AAR. I looked on Steam today, and I’ve played 40+ hours in the past two weeks. And it’s all been in one game. Also did a bit of Hearts of Iron IV, but that wasn’t too exciting.

As for next month, I don’t know, as usual. Of course I’m going to continue with Tales of Zestria (might blog about it, not sure). I’m looking to get another Switch game, but with shipping and logistics being what they are, I’m not sure what I’ll get. Kinda thinking Luigi’s Mansion, or maybe Xenoblade. Could do Rune Factory 4 as well. I’m thinking of taking another vacation (that was soooooooo nice), but I don’t want to eat all my vacation time on myself, before being able to visit family…but I also don’t really want to visit family either.

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