What Game Do I Play Tonight?

I just don’t know what to play tonight. Or most any night. It’s not too often that I actually have plans going in, when I’m between games. Sure, technically I have a ton of games I’m currently playing, and a bunch on the backburner, but what to do tonight?

Well, you might say that I should continue that game that I’m actually blogging about right now. And I certainly could do that. It’s not like I’m burned out from it. Quite the contrary, I really like it, and I like the playthrough I’m doing right now. But the problem is that I like it too much. It’s just the nature of CKII that you lose track of time. The usual “one more turn” issue, except there are no turns. I don’t think I got to bed before 5am last week while I was playing. I kinda need to sleep before work.

What about getting rid of some of that backlog? OK, sure. But which backlog? A completely new game? A game I’ve started but haven’t even gone a single playthrough yet, before getting distracted by whatever shiny new game comes up (true fact: yesterday I went to Walmart to look for a new Switch game, though didn’t end up getting anything)? Something else?

And what about the mmo’s? Whatever happened to ESO, that I was playing every night? Thing is, I’ve kinda gotten bored with that. Not enough to cancel my sub just yet, but I’m certainly thinking about it. I’ve just hit a plateau there, in terms of what I can do to advance, and I’ve lost any motivation to go forward. Not with all those shiny new games!

How about actually watching those anime? The ones that I’ve been downloading every week, totally with the intention of blogging about, but haven’t actually watched yet?

I don’t even know. Choice paralysis and all that. Maybe I’ll even go to bed early. But you won’t know about that.

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