Granblue Fantasy Anime S2 Ep. 6 Review

Last week there was no review, because the episode was a “rerun” – it’s from last season, but wasn’t showed. Halloween episode, all that. Didn’t really feel the need. But it did spoil Ferry, for the few people that watch this only on TV and don’t play the game.

But this week we’re back to the main plot. Honestly, it was kinda meh to write about, just set-up for the next episode or two. There were some funny moments, some characterization, and slightly moving forward with the plot, but otherwise not much there.

The story starts out with the Grancypher being pursued by an Imperial ship, which has somehow been upgraded to LAYZORS weaponry. Normally this sort have thing has never been a problem – the crew is hunted by the Empire, but the Grandcypher’s whole shtick is that it’s really fast, so as long as they’re traveling, they’re safe from other airships. But whatever, they end up hiding in some misty island, crashing (as one does), but otherwise OK. The Imperials don’t pursue, because it’s CURSED! No one that goes in ever goes out…

The adults in the crew go to fix the ship, while the others go into town to get supplies. Somehow, this isn’t seen as even potentially a bad idea; Katalina feels that Gran is enough to protect Lyria, after all. There is some very small bit of light shipper bait between Rackam and Katalina, like in the game actually, but after the huge yuri bait the last few episodes you’ll not be surprised that this is nothing and goes nowhere. Lyria et. al. end up in the spooky haunted town, which is inhabited entirely by zombies, much to Lyria’s initial dismay.

Turns out the town was experiencing a plague a century ago, but then the ghost ship Celeste showed up and everyone died and became zombies. The island became covered by a mystical mist which makes navigation out impossible – this is what broke the Grancypher, and this is keeping in the other recent arrivals, Sturm, Drang, and Orchis

This is apparently the place Drang wanted to go after the last episode. Well, now we know that it’s because there’s some treasure here that Drang is after, or at least that’s what he claims. How he heard about it, nobody knows. And, he somehow knows that Celeste isn’t a ghost ship, but a primal beast, which makes it pretty fortuitous that Gran and Lyria are on the scene.

Despite the absolute fishiness of Drang’s story, they all go out to look for some doctor who might have a clue about it. Lyria tries to befriend Orchis, just like she always tries with the weirdos, but Orchis isn’t having any of that, putting on her best emotionless doll impression. But then Lyria finds another weird girl, who only she and Orchis can see, who is totally not a ghost (SPOILER: she’s a ghost). As soon as Lyria reaches out to her, everyone can see her, which is apparently quite shocking. This being, who Drang names Ferry, doesn’t remember anything about herself, but has been to the location of the doctor they’re all looking for. The doc isn’t in, but all his books and such are, all of which Ferry has read in the past century.

Turns out this doctor came to the island a hundred years ago to do something with Celeste in the hopes of immortality. As these things tend to go, it involved human sacrifice, and turned out different from how the doctor thought – the spooky ghost ship look for Celeste should have tipped him off. Ferry is on the case – she’s been looking for the human sacrifice – a girl and her father – and won’t stop looking even if it takes a hundred years more! Oh, and all this exposition apparently was boring Celeste, who takes this moment to attack.

As I said, pretty much setup for what’s to come. I don’t know if this arc has enough meat in it for more than one more episode. MAL has this show listed as 13 episodes, but I don’t know if that counts last week’s episode, and I don’t know if it counts the inevitable Djeeta episodes that probably won’t air, but will be in the blurays. But next week we have the big fight with Celeste, and more stuff about Ferry.

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