2019 In Gaming: What I Was, and Am, Looking Forward To

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Kim at Later Levels asked a question a few days ago: how has 2019 been treating you, as far as (new) gaming is going? Kim said it’s been pretty disappointing, and I have to agree. I commented over there, in the heat of the comment moment, that I was only really excited beforehand about three releases this year, and I stand by that. To quote myself:

This year has been pretty disappointing indeed, for me. I think I’ve only been excited for three new games this year, and only one has panned out (so far).

-Far Cry New Dawn: I was excited for this, since I like Far Cry, and I liked 5’s story, and wanted to see the continuation. However, I really dislike Borderland’s gameplay, and New Dawn was basically that. Hard pass. Sad!

-Atelier Lulua: this one worked out. A good mix of series fanservice, while also doing its own thing, and continuing the more modern series gameplay conventions. And not too long, either.

-Atelier Ryza: this one hasn’t come out yet, but it looks good.

I looked up the list of major and minor games that did come out this year (and those still scheduled to do so), just to make sure I was actually right about that, and I was. Those three were the only ones that actually got/get me excited, that I actually look(ed) forward to.

But it got me thinking about games that I don’t necessarily look forward to in anticipation, but at least have interest in. You know, the stuff you’re not chomping at the bit to buy when they come out (at least until you hear about something you really don’t like), but stuff you’ll pay attention to the scuttlebutt about, to see if it’s something to investigate further. Now, I’m really into the genres and things that I like, and really not into the things I’m not. So if the following list seems a bit short – remember, it’s just interest – just remember that I’m pretty picky about things, and a bit cynical on top of that. Also, the list is mostly in chronological order, because I was going down the list in the link above, and writing down the ones I was thinking of.

  • Ace Combat 7: I really liked the PS2 Ace Combat games, and this one was a promise to return to form, and actually being in the Ace Combat universe to boot, adding to the lore and all that. Almost an RPG (and I would say it technically is, even if it isn’t really mechanically). But then I heard it had the one thing I really, REALLY don’t like about the series: the tunnel missions. Despite my love of the games, I’ve never actually beaten any of them: either on the penultimate, or ultimate, mission, there is a portion where you have to fly your jet through a tunnel, with obstacles and sometimes enemies shooting at you. I hate it, it’s above my skill level, and most importantly, takes me out of the game, because that’s just a ridiculous concept, even in this setting. I’ll get it if it goes on serious sale (like under $20).
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: I liked the two mainline ones on PS2. But I never played any of the others, and this seemed more like that OC wank than the Disney + Final Fantasy stuff I liked about the first two games. Also, I don’t have a PS4 or XBone, so there’s that.
  • Imperator Rome: I like the Paradox grand strategy games. Or rather, ‘liked’. I don’t like what happened in EU or HoI (CKII still has enough of the old systems, plus enough of its own unique charm, to still be worth playing), and this goes in the same direction. I heard, from people that like these sorts of games, that this game is actually pretty bad. Sad! (Also, incredibly buggy, but I figure most of those have been taken care of by now.)
  • Persona Q 2: I liked the first game, although I’ve never finished it (I think it’s still in my 3DS, actually). Between that, and the inclusion of the P5 cast, whose game I’ve never played, hasn’t exactly been pushing me super excited for it.
  • Senran Kagura Burst RE:newal: I like anime girls, and the gameplay seems fun enough. However, this puts the “titty” in “titty ninja,” and I just don’t like them that big (nor kids, which is the only other option).
  • Metal Wolf Chaos XD: ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH PRESIDENT TO SAVE THE DUDE? I am getting this, but it came out just when I was starting ESO and FFXIV, and I just haven’t had time for it yet.
  • Astral Chain: seems like the kind of thing I’d like, but I don’t have a Switch.
  • River City Girls: I like the concept of playing as anime girl hooligans in this genre, but the more I hear about this specific outing, the less I like.
  • Link’s Awakening: Not my favorite Zelda game by a long shot (heh), and I don’t have a Switch. But it is on the short-list when I do get that system.
  • Code Vein: Again, I think I’d like it, but I’m not going to love it, and I’m not paying full-price for a game I won’t love.
  • Tropico 6: I actually have completely forgotten this game ever came out. I think I remember hearing at the time that it wasn’t good, or at least not good enough to pay full price for. I liked Tropico 4; 5 less so.
  • The Outer Worlds: I think I’ve said before that I have little faith in Obsidian these days. Also, gameplay looks bad. But we’ll see how it is when it comes out.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC): I really liked the first game. Hear this one isn’t as good. But actually having good controls might make up for the other shortcomings.
  • Mechwarrior 5: Oh man, I really should be excited for this, but I’m not. I liked 3 way more than 4, but I’m definitely in the minority on that one. And this seems more like 4. Also, Epic Store Exclusive = NOPE. At least not until they show they can have a competent launcher and store.
She’s talking about the Pokefurs; this game is surprisingly meta sometimes.

As for what 2019 games I’ve actually gotten:

  • Atelier Lulua: Was everything I expected it to be, and more (in a good way). Not perfect by any means (which I’ve talked about on this very blog), but it was great, to me.
  • Pokemon Masters: This, on the other hand, was a serious disappointment. Not only is the gameplay not that great, but it technically needs a lot of work, as does the gacha. I was hoping for a game with cute girls, so I wouldn’t need to get Shield/Sword (which is shaping up to be a total fail in every department but that), and technically I got that, but it’s very bare-bones even in this department (they aren’t even properly voiced!).

So yah, that’s a pretty sad 2019 for me: TWO new games played this year.

Well, new to everyone. There were a few more I played this year that were new to me. Next time, I’ll talk about those (since I went though the trouble of making a list and all).

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