Pecan Pie m&m’s: A short review

I like m&m’s. I eat them a lot. Way more than I should. I have this thing where, if I don’t eat, I get headaches. I don’t know why, but it’s been this way since 6th grade. At least it’s my head that’s broken, and not my brain. Anyways, m&m’s are about perfect, since you have to chew them (which also helps prevent tension headaches from me clenching my jaws constantly), they are small, and the come in bags big enough to last for a while. Also, they come at the right price.

I’ve tried a lot of different flavors. Probably most of them, certainly not all of them. I of course have my favorites. I like the physically bigger ones, not the least because they are harder to go crazy with (feel more guilty eating a bunch). However, I don’t really like the nutty ones, especially if I’m going to be eating them all day. Just have the wrong mouth-feel for it. I also don’t usually like the stronger flavors – I like to taste the chocolate primarily, not something else with a bit of choco.

Of course, there’s also the problems of availability – I have to be able to get them in the first place. And price. My local Wal-Mart down the street is one of those Neighborhood ones – small, even for a grocery store. They don’t have a lot of flavors in the sizes that I want. So I have to go to the other store further away, but even then they don’t always have what I want, where I want it.

All the above considered, I’d rate my favorites (for work snacking) thusly:

  • Crunchy
  • Crunchy Mint
  • Hazelnut

But, being in the Halloween Candy season, I checked out that section of the store to see what was cheaper than usual. Of course you have the fun-size stuff, which is also ideal for work, in a greatly discounted state. So I got some of my favorites there (Kit-Kats, Twix). I also was looking for m&m’s, since they tend to have seasonal stuff too (in the normal flavors). But, lo and behold, I found something amazing. Yep, it’s what I’m writing the post about.

They’re just about perfect. The individual pieces are big enough that I don’t have to grab a bunch to be satisfied moment-to-moment. The primary flavor is the chocolate, but it has a pleasant, but not too-rich, separate aspect to it. I’m not a huge fan of pecan pie, but this has just the right amount of pecan-pie-ness to it. It doesn’t have any separate bits that mess up the mouthfeel of the candy.

I might say that this is my new favorite m&m flavor. Get it. It’s good stuff. Maybe, just maybe, if we buy enough of it, they’ll make it available all year.

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