ESO Update: Hit the Cap!

So, I’ve already hit one of my September plans. I finally hit “level cap” in ESO, after about a month of playing. Of course, that’s just the end of the tutorial. I have to put on my big boy pants now, and grind out those champion points, which are basically just more and more levels. I think the current (effective) cap on those is 810, though I might be off on that.

Even though I’ve made it this far, I’m still running the same basic build I was at lvl 10. Archer, with bear. I’ve got the sword-and-board as my secondary, but apparently that’s a tank build, and I’m not set up for that, nor know how to do that. Would be nice though, not having to wait 10+ minutes for a dungeon queue to pop. But dps is for dummies like me, and I’m probably not even doing that correctly.

I’m currently running through Deshann, and am almost done with it. Of course doing the dalies for the event tickets, which seems like a horrible grind for a fancy horse. I guess that’s how they get you – oh, just buy the event tickets from the cash shop! You can get your fancy horsey without grinding forever! And the kicker is, you can only hold 12 tickets at a time, so you can’t hoard for the next events, if you don’t like this fancy horsey (I don’t – my starter horse just werks; if I’m to get another mount, I want something cool, like a tiger, or a giant mechanical spider), but want to save for the next cool thing, SCREW YOU BUDDY.

Oh yah, almost done with Deshann. Well, except for the world bosses. I guess no one does those outside of the starter areas, or with their guilds. (I tried to do one with my guild last night, but I was there, and no one else. I guess they were on a different shard – Sad!) Just a couple of quests more to kill that chica who started the plauge. Then I’m off to the swamp, to solve lizard problems.

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