The End of Blaugust

It’s the last of of August, which means it’s the last day of Blaugust. So, what does this mean?

As far as my goals…I had 31 posts (this being 32). I might not have made all of them within the proper calendar day in my time zone (sometimes you just get into playing games so much, and then it’s “oh crap, it’s 11:43pm, gotta make that post!”), but I did have a post for every day, so that’s great. Also I’m pretty pleased with the quality of the posts, for the most part. Not too many low effort short posts (there are some low-effort longer ones…).

It was even mostly about video games, which surprised me. I didn’t think I would have that much to say. I have even more to say, more ideas, that I’ve come up with that I just haven’t had the time to think about enough to jot down. So that’s comforting. I have more to do, so the blog won’t close down.

I do wish I had taken even more time to play more games, but ESO just sucked me right in. Unfortunately, there’s not too much to talk about there, yet, aside from what I’ve already done. I expect that, as I get deeper into the story, and stop being a scrub, I’ll get more to talk about. Or at least post screenshots about.

I’ve already known that I like to post a lot of screenshots, with a pithy/snarky line or two. I do that a lot at other places I post. I’ve tried to keep most of that out of the blog, so far. Part of it is that it kinda detracts from my point, sometimes, when I actually have a point. And part of it is that my humor doesn’t always transfer – this blogging community I’ve stumbled into is rather different than other places I hang out. But maybe in the future I’ll post more of that. Once I figure out how to make captions more caption-y with this layout.

So there it is. I think I done gud. I’m not hanging up my hat yet, though without pressure things will get a bit lighter around here. But not dead. Unfortunately for those few that read this.

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