Tuesday Short: Hand Sanitizer

Tuesdays are hard for me to blog. It’s my first day of work, which means my weekend was the past two days. And on my weekends (besides church and chores and stuff) I want to play games, not read about them. So I’m behind on my blog reading. And then Tuesday is my one really busy day at work, due to various things. So yah, you get a short post today.

(An aside: “Sanitizer” wasn’t in my spellcheck. Wut.)

So yah, hand sanitizer. This stuff really works. Use it. Please, for the love of all that’s holy, use it. I don’t want your germs, man. And you don’t want mine, so I use it all the time. You don’t need anything fancy – even the generic store brand (up there is the Wal*Mart brand) will do.

But there’s a trick to it. How do you think that it kills 99.99% of germs, but doesn’t hurt you? It’s in the method of killing. (Though don’t drink it. That’s bad.) The way it works isn’t poison, but drying. Basically, since it’s mostly alcohol, it dries pretty quick. But there is some water in it (the amount depends on the type of sanitizer), so that drying action draws out the water from all the germs. Since they aren’t prepared to go into “dry” mode (some of them will go into a hibernation-like state when things get too dry, but they need a bit of prep time), they die. And, since your skin is already pretty dry, what with that layer of dead skin cells up top, you, the human, are fine to use this a lot.

Hopefully you noticed that “dry” part. Because that’s the important thing. It only works as it dries. Just putting some on your hands, getting all lathered up, and then wiping it off, does NOTHING. It has to dry. That’s why you rub your hands while using it – not only does it give more coverage to the chemical, but it also heats things up, making it dry faster, and thus be more effective.

So, there’s your advice for a Tuesday. I guess you can use hand sanitizer on your gaming controls as well, though I wouldn’t use it on screens and such, just to be safe.

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