Saturday Music Post

Yah, this is lazy. Don’t feel so good, so don’t care.

I’m not really one that cares too much about music, to be honest. Or rather, I’m not one that cares to go searching for new stuff. Hell, I generally prefer music that’s older than I am. Sometimes I do find new stuff, though, even if it was at one point very popular.

So it was with this song. I was driving home the other day, and this came on the radio. I knew it was Chicago, but I don’t think I’ve heard it too much before. When I got home, I immediately went to find it, and I’ve listened to it over and over.

Can’t say I really like the lyrics, but I rarely do. But the music and singing are pretty great, and go together very well. I mean, there’s a reason Chicago is so beloved.

An aside – usually Youtube puts some Heart song after this. I don’t get their autoplay algorithms. I know it’s partly based on your listening history, and part on related songs (I supposed determined by what other people listen to with the song), but the two don’t really go together, I don’t think, other than being “80’s pop music”.

For some reason, this is Dragalia Lost’s gacha-rolling music:

I think someone was having a giggle over at Nintendo. Or Cygames.

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