A Little Burnout With the Little Games

Man, I’m really not feeling it, with the mobile games at least. This happens every so often; I’m sure folks who play the same type of games every day get that burnout feeling. But it’s odd for me to get it with two games at once. I haven’t really played Granblue Fantasy, in any significant amount, in like, a week; I even missed a day of getting that free 10-roll. And with Dragalia lost, I haven’t even done my dailies yet, and it’s an hour before reset.

I was wondering why. Like I said, burnout for two regular games at once is not usual for me. Partly because I don’t really go hardcore, so even on days when I’m really into a game it’s only for a couple hours, at most. But on thinking on it, I have a few ideas.

First, it’s kind of a dead period in both games. GBF has a rerun going, and the prizes are not inspiring. The game mode to get those prizes is also a bit annoying. DL has a new event, but it’s been out for some time now. One of the problems DL has, in general, is that its events go on quite a bit longer than they should. A week is a good length, I think, but DL has theirs for at least ten days. I especially think the raid events take too long to play, over and over and over again.

Next, I just don’t have anything real to work towards. Like I said yesterday, the thing I like about these games is the story, and a lot of the story is in the gacha. In both games I have quite a lot of resources saved for drawing the gacha, over a full spark’s worth in GBF (388 at the time of writing this; ten more for sure when I get the surprise ticket). Since I don’t have incentive to save much more in the immediate future, I don’t want to play.

Additionally, and maybe most importantly, I’ve got two new games I’m playing at the moment. The new and shiny has made the old and well-known (and well-worn, in some cases) games lack luster in comparison. Why play these old, simple, kinda boring games when I can play these other games I haven’t played before. During the work week I only have so much time for games, after all.

Not a crisis by any means, but just something I was thinking about. Some new event will come soon in both games, and then it’ll be back in those mines, too.

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